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Course. The orioles television network. Scott garcia bend. Mcdonald's a here was brandon hyde. After the game sitting in my office and i walk outside and there was an aroma of coming into into the hallway. Some men seen mustache and ask them a we. Smokin some different types of cigarettes. Or what's happening in our in our club. Allison and then he explained to me and Think saved more nose. Wow muster anything to get the job. Done man That brandon highbury happy app. The game yesterday. A couple of hall of famers feature hall of famer spoke definitively yesterday about when their careers will end is yada molina's one year extension for two thousand twenty. Made official. He said next year will be his last season. We'll be talking about that with doug glanville with paul bikinis coming up. Miguel cabrera was on. Espn yesterday and he talked about when he plans to retire to mortgage the. Yeah yeah. I got My rightness life really really bad. So i need to get these in Said to next season. So i say the mortgage in our thing i'm behalf we might use released by I will say. Thank god for donate ball. I say to mortgages down he of course Just a handful hits away from three thousand. You'll get that probably early next season and we should note. He's under contract for two more years for about thirty two million dollars a year. Probably not a coincidence. Alex bregman out. Since june was activated by the astros yesterday and he had a hand in their victory to row.

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