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Let's wrap up with some headlines. Head aligns the boy scouts of America filed for bankruptcy yesterday following hundreds of lawsuits over sexual abuse allegations. Right now. They're facing two hundred seventy five lawsuits with some of those suits representing up to two thousand clients. The chapter eleven filing would create a trust to compensate the victims while allowing scout programs to continue lawyers. Victims are calling the movie cop out claiming that under the bankruptcy declaration new victims will only have a limited amount of time to come forward before they're completely barred from compensation only the National Organization is filing for bankruptcy according to the boy scouts. Local councils are financially independent and free from the impact for now guys. We love using our recycling bin but as it turns out sometimes the only thing that we're recycling in them is are guilty. Guilty conscience not sad. That's according to a new report released by Greenpeace. Which found that more and more quote unquote recycled. Plastics are ending up in American landfills. Dark the report points to several factors including China cracking down on. Us RECYCLING EXPORTS AND BRANDS FALSELY MARKETING. Mixed Plastic materials as recyclables always the brands. Things like bottles and jugs with the number one or two on the bottom or being sent to the right places. But All the K Cups Yogurt tubs and clam. Shell take out boxes that you toss into the Holy Blue Bin and up in landfills Greenpeace blames the company's making these materials for producing all that throwaway plastic without plans to buy them back after their used that news and just learn how to recycle. And now I'm just finding this out. It's not right all right. I'm being lied to all right. So six presidential candidates will take the stage in Las Vegas tonight for the last debate before. The Nevada caucuses this Saturday. The last debate sanders has held onto the top spot in most polls and the token billionaire candidate has evolved from its starting form as Jolly Hedge Fund Manager. Tom Sawyer and into its final form as grumpy former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg Bloomberg qualified for the debate after a national. Npr poll showed him in second place. If the DNC had nixed a rule requiring participants you have hundreds of thousands of individual donations. He wouldn't have made the cut so good looking out. Dnc Sanders. Warren have been going hard on Bloomberg for what they see as buying his way into the debate. Expect to see that line of Attack Tonight. Bloomberg fights back by hiring teens to his opponents into the dark ages all the VIP deeming fat Jewish over and over. Harvard University made the mistake of admitting a bunch of really smart students and now a group of them are filing a lawsuit that would force the university to divest from companies that profit from the prison industry. The group called Harvard prison. Divestment says at Harvard is violating its fiduciary duty and falsely advertising itself as an institution that wants to do what it can to repair the departure of slavery while still benefiting from the prison system which disproportionately punishes black men and women. Harvard's those snaps Harvard's endowment is forty billion dollars and they don't disclose how much is held in prison related investments. They've previously divested from the tobacco industry and apartheid South Africa after student protests students calling on the university to divest from fossil fuel and prison. Industries haven't been successful but that could change soon. How ABOUT THEM? Apples goodwill hunting and those are the headlines. That's for day. If you like the show make sure you subscribe we review. Toss us the old pigskin and tell your friends. Listen and if you're reading and not just the numbers just hold up on little signs during sports like me. What a day is also a nightly newsletter? Check it out and subscribe at crooked dot com slash. Subscribe Ign Akilah Hughes. I'm Gideon Resnick. And that's how you wrap up sixty nine episodes nice sixty nine..

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