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Hey College ain't for everybody what I'm about to go over here to pick up a m b l and I'm going to play one year two years over here cuz you have to be one year removed from the NBA. I think for football yet to be three years three years. So, where are you going to play at from a dead? Collegiate football level you have to go to college cuz there's no other resources for you to go that it's a pharmacist. It's a pharmacist. If so to answer that question its you're in college and while you're in college, they're putting you in these courses and all your and your trust in the coast and say hey, I remember I told Coach I don't want to do study hall. He said you could you give me a 2.8. Then you don't have to do study hall. He set the bar too low. I came with a three point cuz we had our culture to say hey, I'm going to take these classes. You're going to keep your grades up. If fans are but no you can't work. You can't go can't go get a job because you have to keep your grades up but in America now, we don't have the money and exactly you don't have the money. So so for me how I was able to get around that and this was just me thinking outside of my my my line of work. I had did a summer job. My first year I came home. I was transitioning from Cal State Fullerton to the University of New Orleans that second year. I did an internship with Macy's. No not not an internship. I got a job security for Macy's at the mall and then something I don't know. There was an internship program with BellSouth and it's funny because you know, they talk about a fast access adsap. So from a tip perspective they had this ADSL program that they were trying to get it out here in Atlanta. And when I saw the amount of money, it was paying for an internship off to get into that program and when I get to that program that summer money was my money for the whole school year. So then it was like, oh Bell South is is giving out paid internships. Now the question is can you find a paid internship because you're talking about a black man. That's eighteen to Twenty-One years old looking for capital or looking for money wage. We can be able to buy some shoes so he can you know, take a girl out on a date so he can have some money, you know, some pocket change to deal with whatever you want to have to find him that money. James has a daughter that's fifteen years old. I was going to college she's not an athlete but she going to be in Daddy's pockets as soon as you go to college because she doesn't have that job per se but Daddy got it. We didn't have that when we were in college. So we had to find a way and I ain't trying to be the broke brother cuz the cistern ain't trying to holler at you. If you ain't got.

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