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It's been a long day in the hot seat for supreme court nominee, Brad Kavanagh. And we'll go longer as day two of his Senate confirmation hearing is expected to stretch into the late evening hours. More from correspondent, Steve Dorsey, Democrats are concerned Cavanaugh may get a case involving the man who nominated him President Trump Senator Dianne Feinstein. I sitting president he required to respond to a subpoena, but Cavanaugh has refused to say whether a president can be forced to testify in a criminal case as a matter of the canons of judicial independence. I can't give you an answer on that hypothetical question. He's also refused away in on his stance on abortion rights. Steve Dorsey, CBS news, Capitol Hill. Social media executives. Ron Capitol Hill today for a Senate hearing on foreign interference in the US elections, and what they're doing to stop it. Facebook CEO, Cheryl. Sandberg actions taken show, how determined we are to do everything we can do to stop this from happening Twitter chief Jack Dorsey says his task is to make sure users know if they're hearing from a person or an automated account abuse harassment troll, armies propaganda through bots and human coordination misinformation campaigns divisive filter bubbles. That's not a healthy public square. Google top executive was a no show was it the flu or something else. Federal health officials called to New York to evaluate about one hundred passengers who had arrived at JFK airport on a flight from Dubai with more than a dozen people complaining of flu like symptoms ten were treated at the hospital. A spokesman for the mayor's office as saying some of the passengers may have visited mecca where there is currently a flu outbreak. There are a total of around five hundred people on board WCBS has Pat Farner on time. Tropical storm, Gordon, Allah, depression pushing. Inland after making landfall last night alone, the Alabama Mississippi border with seventy mile per hour winds Donna Francavilla in mobile, Alabama. Where mobiles mayor says they are trying to fix traffic lights. They're removing downed trees that have been blocking roadways and have come down on homes throughout the area in dolphin island nearby. There are reports flooding roads close or rose that are simply impassable crews are cleaning up the debris working to restore power hurricane. Florence is turning up the Atlantic fourteen hundred miles out it's a category. Three one hundred twenty mph winds the first major hurricane of the Atlantic season Sonatrach to possibly affect Bermuda about this time next week on Wall Street, the Dow was up twenty three with the NASDAQ dropped ninety six points. This is CBS news national mortgage lender. Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. Licensed in all fifty states equal housing lender. And MLS number thirty thirty. Jordana and Paul here. Oh, he's mad E is mad. The cable company dug a big hole and that did nothing with it. Here the whole story after Laura's news in it's mostly sunny. Seventy one degrees at three zero three this look at the news is brought to you by the Shane company in the hour's top story. There's some news out today that may spell trouble for Republican Jeff Johnson's bid to become governor Republican governors association's basically given up on the governor's race, which is going to be a very high profile contests. That's Washington Post reporter, James Hohmann, who says Republican strategists don't believe the Johnson is competitive enough, and they may end up pulling money from his campaign. You have to remember their thirty six governors races around the country this year in the, you know, the bang for the buck mixing just on that money a place like Ohio where you have a much closer race than state like Minnesota home in join WC CEO's Boyce Olsen today, we are seeking a response from Johnson's campaign and the Minnesota GOP time is running out for hundreds of people living in a tent city in south Minneapolis with the city working to clear the camp by the end of the month. Maddening thunder hawk has four grandchildren living with her here at the camp, which is grown significantly over the past several weeks. She says she is doubtful that anything will change before the end of September. The only thing that we did was talk to people from housing did assessments, and that was it. But there is help available right across the street. Michael gase is with the American Indian Development Corporation where they've set up a tent game. So we're over there on a daily basis, and you're constantly looking for people to come here to use the services here. So we're going over there and coaching them from over news, Minneapolis mayor. Jacob fry said that he wants to help all these people here find shelter before the end of the month and clear the camp before winter in south, Minneapolis, Susie. Jones WCC Minnesota judge has denied a request to seal a court filing in the case of a former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot in a stray alien woman. Attorneys for Mohammed Noor had asked the court to suppress Norris, psychological. Records and up in county. Judge Katherine Quainton says embarrassing and private records are routinely admitted to court proceedings, nor is charged in the July twenty seventeen death of Justin Daymond. She was shot after she called nine one one to report a possible assault, a Hennepin county judge has sent the matter of who's in charge of the new Commons park in downtown Minneapolis to mediation, former Minneapolis city councilman Paul Ostrow, ongoing lawsuit alleges the park is not being used in a way that serves the public Astro told WBZ has blazed Olsen. He skeptical. Mediation is the answer the only way to resolve this issue is to turn over the governance of the comments to the Minneapolis park and recreation board, the parks and recreation board in twenty fourteen specifically said that it was rejecting this is a part of the park system because of this use agreement because of the use agreement resulted in this Matt even qualifying as. Public park. Ostro says the current us agreement which gives the Minnesota Vikings free use of the park for fifty years is too restrictive and has made it virtually impossible to hold major events at the park. A little progress report on that road.

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