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She was drugged and raped at a party, and she's been ostracized by her friends, because her dad, who is a detective was responsible for getting somebody famous arrested for the crime, and it starts with her whole world kind of upside down. And she is a teenage detective. And so people will come to her with things, and she's very smart. She uses like you know, forensic skills and hacking skills and other things to help solve different crimes and figure stuff out while at the same time through the first season and then into the second season a bit to trying to kind of solve the murderer of her best friends and, and other things. Go on. It's a it's a really great show. It's one of those shows that I still can't believe in some ways was airing on like network like teen TV wrong because it was really adults. You know, like really serious, too. Yeah. And. But but is also funny, and it's, it's witty, and she's great in its and obviously had a huge huge huge fan following. And when the show was cancelled ROY, okay, I guess, that's it. And then I guess about five or six years ago, a movie was made. They raised funding on Kickstarter. It was one of the back in the wave of, of Kickstarter movies, and that did better than you know Warner Brothers was expecting and even with Kristen Bell's success in the success of some of the other people who've been involved in the show, Tessa Thompson was a marvel fame was was an actress in it as well. They rebelled to get most of the kind of the original cast back for a fourth season. And so that's really exciting and really cool. So I'm excited about that. Awesome. So before move onto a another show. I wanted to jump back to Jessica Jones for a second. So have you seen? Russian doll. Yes. Love it. Okay. Fantastic showed do you remember the guy, she hooks up with the professor? I don't want to spoil the show, but the kind of jerky, like guy that sleeps with all the women in that show. Do you remember him? Yes, he is the villain for just cajones. Nice Nias in his character from the comic book. I don't want to spoil anything, but he's kind of psychopathic like serial killer slash genius. That it's really interesting because the ritual version of his character was a very, very religious Christian person that went around murdering people that didn't live up to that to that, I'm Jill stain, and then his character came along, it was more of a. Had this thing in it were, he was like a poet, any wanted to go around killing people that didn't have music, and their soul or spark to their life, which if you think about it. That makes him a perfect foil for just cajones. Who's just kind of d- know what I mean. She's so ravage this trauma, you know, I, I will go on record and say, I appreciated the mother daughter dynamics of the second season in I appreciated Kenna sing Trish go out of control in the second season. I didn't enjoy the second season. Does that make sense at all? It does. I really liked the first season so much that I think the second season wasn't as good. But I still thought it was really good television. Yeah. Well, I felt let down by an hoping this one it feels like as a better a better plot behind it and Wallen. Yeah, yeah. In Bill, it's always hard to do. Second spa up. Like when you're so critically acclaimed. When people like it so much a case in point my favorite show of two years ago. Big little lies just came back on HBO. Meryl Streep has joined the cast which is led by Reese, Witherspoon and coal Kidman and Laura Dern and a shilling Woodley who, again actress, who's not very good, but she's really good in this and Zoe Kravitz fantastic show, and I've only seen the premier and I have to say I'm here for it. This was you haven't seen this breed, but you need to watch it it. Well, I read the first two chapters, the book, and I was like this is a bunch of rich woman trauma, totally hit a jet. And I gather that was a mistake..

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