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At a ceasefire to create a humanitarian corridor in Ukraine collapsed amid the ongoing shelling there Ukrainian scrambled to gather groceries in mariupol as the sound of shelling echoed behind them The failure of the temporary ceasefire in mariupol and bol navaja has left many desperate and disappointed When did Ukrainian soldiers Fiat a slav borodin was hoping talks would work as he watched parts of mariupol blow up in smoke from his hospital window I had big expectations on that negotiation on the first round and the second I hope they will agree regarding something Moscow has tightened its grip on the war battered country's strategic seacoast Bus and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has blamed the failure of the ceasefire on Ukrainian lack of cooperation whilst Ukrainian officials have blamed Russia for continuing the shelling whilst many were preparing to flee in safety And that is AP correspondent Karen Chammas reporting That was a Russian charter flight you saw Delos this afternoon took off from St. Petersburg and landed there today had to avoid European and Canadian airspace though it's there to pick up Russian diplomats who were expelled this week all accused of being spies The U.S. Europe and Canada closing their airspace to Russian planes following the invasion of Ukraine the tartar had to be approved by the State Department and there is another virus getting attention in D.C. This one being blamed on rats It's called hantavirus and a report released by the CDC has just outlined two cases of it in people in the district The cases are from 2018 and they involve a 30 year old man and a 37 year old man who became sick months apart The 30 year old was a maintenance worker with frequent rodent sightings at his workplace He developed what appeared to be a potentially fatal inflammatory syndrome The report says humans can become infected with the virus through exposure to rodent feces saliva or urine it adds that rodent overpopulation in D.C. is well documented John Aaron WTO P news And no more love letters in Oregon not what you think a federal judge they're blocking the love letters from prospective homebuyers Last year Oregon became the first state to pass a law preventing real estate agents from forwarding personal pictures to sellers those pitches are love letters often include a photo or videos as well as details about the client's life Critics said they promote it racism.

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