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So far when republican set the congressional agenda at some point democrat still face a choice do they do their best to block every single big initiative or are try to work with republicans to make it more democrat friendly sarah bender studies congress at the pro kings institution on most measures when of it bending bill be regulation for ap all thought frank that all requires cooperation from at least eight democrat then that's hard to be so i think democrat do have leverage the hardest political calculus could be obama care republicans can repeal that without any democratic votes but they need democratic support in the senate the passer replacement plan many democrats might want to work with republicans to keep as much of obama care if they can but helping give trump a big legislative accomplishment could make a more popular and it could anger progressive activists just listen i'm michael more appearing in a cnn's show hosted by fan jones is the responsibility of this minority of democrats in congress to another obstruct dropped and do whatever they can man civil _o_c knows democrats all across the country are anxious but she's urging patience as the party tried to make it's case to voters somebody misses she and this like county somebody there in narrative rushing artists day the first scenario is something many people of seen happen to a friends or family number the second maybe not as much still plus he says he doesn't help when you're the one who breaks the bad news they'll found out sooner or later but they made a mistake close he has seen voters rejected emma kratz come back to the party and then reject them again i'm she says she is patient enough democrats will continue to point out the key differences between the parties and wait for voters to eventually come back scott decker up and p earnings.

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