Barbara Comstock, President Trump, Donald Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


But even the least self-aware Republicans you talk to recognize this is no normal moment. And that they are in the Trump train, whatever they wanna call it, and they have to ride along. And this is something they just have reconciled. If you accept that. You're staying in this Republican party, then you probably need his political capital to rally your own voters. Whether it's an suburban congressional district or a statewide Senate contest, Rick Tyler she talked about. Serban congressional district. Barbara Comstock, I'm sorry. Well, Barbara Comstock, for instance, I talked about her get talking about thirty five forty more. I just know Barbara I worked with her in the house. Barbara Comstock sees what happens over the past week. We can a half it's horrifying people in her district suburban not only suburban housewives the suburban men and women in that district, obviously are going to be turned off by the president's words over the past week. How in the world is somebody like Barbara Comstock survive the events how in the world the people in districts where Hillary one Republicans survived the presence reaction to the bombs. They're politically cornered there. Even if they don't like President Trump, they're align with house speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders who are aligned with President Trump what they're banking on. Joe when you talk to them is that the economy is somehow going to help them survive that people will look pass the tweet look past the racially charged language look past the scandals and say, well, the economy solid, and we got us a pre court Justice. We actually got to and they think that could be enough..

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