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Kaufman WBZ Boston's news radio. 10 43. The Subaru retailers of New England All will drive traffic on the threes, Kevin Good morning. Thank good morning there Lower. Yeah, I got some widespread rain out there. Most of us not really dealing with too much of a problem going to want to keep those speeds down. If you're down on the cape, though, some of that rain could be a lot heavier, so watch out and have extends on over towards the South Coast and even on the South shore right now. Looks like maybe a portion of Route three could be getting hit Plymouth on up towards that Quincy stretch some heavier areas than others. 24 north beyond your on the brakes before 1 23 in Brockton. Getting up to a crash in the clearing stages by route 27. Beyond that, you're looking pretty good up into Randolph. The expressway northbound Still heavy brake lights east Milton Square. Most of the way up to Columbia Road. Still going to take about 20 minutes to get from Braintree up to the O Neill Tunnel South. Um, you've got your slowdowns here from South Bay down through Savin Hill. You clear that gas tank you back up to speed and looking pretty good down to the split downtown Boston. Overall, a pretty decent right, Except for that lever down ramp. Still, some company getting down To stare. Oh drive. This report Sponsored by my pillow dot com. Get a better night's sleep with my pillows. Giza Dream sheet to ultra soft and luxurious Get two sets for one low price and free shipping. They come with a 60 Day money back guarantee and a 10 Year warranty. Go to my pillow dot com. For many colours and sizes. Don't forget the code summer for discounts. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes reign over spreading the area. We could see some additional flooding, renewed flooding and again this rain is going to continue through the entire day into this evening, as well will be joined.

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