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So we were jacking away here about making America. Great again or numbers. What did Tom Brokaw say? I wanna I wanna follow up that you were saying Tom Brokaw was all over social media because he said something about Brown, babies grandbabies or something. What did he say? On. Apparently, he was on meet the press on Sunday, and he said that Hispanic should work harder at assimilation. And so then the other part of that he said that many Republicans fear the rise of a new constituency in American politics because of immigrants coming here who then end up registering as Democrats to vote he then he said the third thing. He said was also I hear people say, well, I don't want. I don't know whether I want Brown grandbabies, and he said, quote, that's part of it. And he said, it's the intermarriage that's going on in the cultures that are conflicting with each other. A lot of that. But I think everybody ought to look at the bureau of labor statistics report this past month. Five percent four point nine actually Latino unemployment four point nine percent, which is the record in this country for low unemployment for Latinas. So why would they be voting for Trump? If that's the case is approval rating with them is up nineteen percent. His a really high. I ten before the hour on the program. The local news station. News talk five ninety K U N. My grandson always tells me, I worry about him too much. I was worried sick when he came home from Afghanistan came back wounded, it wasn't a wound. You could see it was post traumatic stress disorder. My teeth felt like he didn't in any way. Then I heard about wounded warrior project. I don't know what they do there. But my tease smiling.

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