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That's a thing that happened. I'm not making that up. That's at the man who learned from big house gain the man who learned from John mcclendon. The man who learned from Larry Brown was in a parking lot with me and said, I hope I can do this one day the way that you do. Addle. That's the thing that happened. I'm not making that up. Undermined all of his bona fides saying he wanted to be like you, this is the district now. It's not a high surpass Ming. He has gone on. And you you had to drop the biggest nugget right as crescendo. Oh, I had to keep going though, is you wanna try you want a crack at it is feel like I feel like you can. You've talked to so many great coaches on the sideline. I don't know, but is he? I'm not sure is he is a performer, is he likes to wear costumes is on television more of a performer than I am. He likes to be, you know, he likes perform all I can call them clothes. Okay. But this is hard though. This is hard because cost him today now. Now people are putting pressure on you. I don't know if he should do it. I don't think you should do it. Oh. We're here. I started covering the Florida Marlins when I was twenty two years old around anymore. I covered the first year now it's all right. Right now I used to read Dan lebatardshow in eighth grade. Law. So that's my said, I do not want to be like this man. He just writes in newspapers. Now looking. I once in Sultan, Derek Lee on necessarily by saying he hit a multi, hit a three run home run by pretending there was nobody on base. I don't know why consulting he was insulted. Ever. He's the best effort, Mike, do you wanna try look, Mike. You're a lot of performing here. If you were doing it on behalf of me or is it do you have? Does the room? I think the room can probably do this better than we're doing it because we're a little self conscious here. We're rattled stugatz still giving takes as he drives to the airport, the way that he was giving takes on his exit out here. Are you guys ready to try something? You believe the music can carry you to glory here musically on a Friday afternoon that you could get to a place where you could do a distract that would rival what we believe to be a single Stephen, a single because he was saying that could be a song. I'd listen to that in a club. Stephen a. solicits give the people the context again before you guys get started, let's give them Stephen a Smith one more time with the musicians behind him, and then you guys right after that. Take a crack at it after Stephen as done this. Stephen, a Smith show about basketball, and I learned from Clarence big house gay. It is meant to come Clinton and they were responsible integrating this quota basketball. My first job in basketball with covering John chainey in my job in basketball with covering Larry Brown, the hell we pick somebody could tell me about basketball. You have any idea who I've learned from take all of that knowledge couple it with might personality and my willingness to dig in the pro in an effort to inform entertain. That is where my confidence comes from Wadham date about how about what it's not just an alert. I'm still learning. Do they creditig like LeBron be way and other taught me about basketball magic, cast keeping weekdays at one eastern on ESPN radio man. Then everything going to keep climbing forever into the sky into heaven. I think the shipping. Like I said, it's ninety five percent music. All right. I went to Miami Dade college, and I tried out from a noodle. I had a home run in a major ballpoint. That's true. I entered for Brian for mardi. My dad's Greg Cody. My dad's Greg Cody. These aim free time for some at definitely more than just the music. We pale in comparison to the mighty Stephen, a Smith. We all do. We all bow in his in his shout of donlevatar my for some reason..

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