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Over the weekend Louisiana voters reelected their democratic governor John bel Edwards and in the process they may have given president Donald Trump cause for concern ahead of his own reelection bid Paul Brown of member station W. R. K. F. in baton Rouge reports president trump was a massive presence in the race Edwards GOP challenger Eddie responding embrace from from the start and the president himself visited the state three times to rally Republicans against the only democratic governor in the Deep South but in the end Edwards as dar responded by about forty thousand votes here is addressing supporters at his victory party as for the president god bless his heart any southerner recognizes that passive aggressive jab it was a rare moment of criticism directed at the president Edwards had shied away from national politics in this race focusing instead on state issues with bipartisan appeal all three of the governor's races this year took place in state that voted overwhelmingly for president trump in twenty sixteen in Mississippi Republicans won the open seat in the governor's mansion but they lost in Kentucky and now with Louisiana Edwards again the partisan forces in Washington DC are not strong enough to break the bones did we share Louisiana J. miles Coleman is a political analyst in Louisiana native I will learn the Democrats nominate they're not going to be you know some like John bell as you know he's instantly conservative Democrat and he you know he was able to hold on but it was close Coleman says the defeat may have proven that the president can't inflict his will on races where he's not on the ballot but trump shouldn't necessarily be concerned about those states and twenty twenty what it does appear to show is the widening divide between rural and urban voters and suburban voter shift to democratic candidates that was most pronounced in the New Orleans suburbs Edwards got fifty seven percent of the vote in Jefferson parish and completely flipped traditionally read precincts within the city crazy to me as someone who's grown up around this place this house we usually think of them like it's historically you know the heart of the state Republican Party well in contested races there basically swing regions showing that the suburbs maybe battlegrounds even in long standing conservative strongholds for NPR news I'm Paul Brown in baton Rouge you know that phrase okay boomer it's a younger generations retort to ideas they consider outdated or off base ideas like millennials are entitled and don't work hard the response okay boomer short for baby boomer well twenty five year old New Zealand lawmaker recently silenced older hecklers during her speech on climate change the average age of this fifty seeking parliament's is forty nine years old okay Burma now some employers are cautioning against using this phrase at work fearing it could lead to claims of age discrimination yours appears you can agree to a thirty year old social media manager so if you first bow has seen her share of okay boomer means in recent weeks to her at the sentiment behind them is this I think it's sort of a dismissive lake okay whatever you say like just about whatever you wanna say as someone who doesn't get what we're talking about there's backlash to including from those comparing okay boomer to racial slurs last week the A. R. P. the group most identified with boomers wait in that did not go well these warring posts and the social commentary around them suggest a yawning gap between the old and young they speak to different attitudes about social and political change and raise questions about how deep those differences go verse now works at a book publisher New York she likes working with boomers but says there can be issues these younger generations keep feeling very miss understood outside of family the workplace is where generations interact the most people are living and therefore working longer than ever so for the first time in history the workforce now spends five generations from the silent generation in their seventies and eighties to generations eat just entering their twenties work is also where many social issues play out presenting the potential for generational debate over everything from gender neutral bathrooms to the me too movement but first says discussing agent work even where it's professionally relevant can be tricky for example she says she wants noted during a meeting how her age cohort shops differently I was literally quality addressed she fell silent she says aware that she's not the one in a position of power that still lies with her elders I think these are really sensitive issues that are super difficult to discuss in the workplace even when they are vital to the work you're doing cash to con is twenty two and sells advertising for the Houston Chronicle she says she has a lot in common with the baby boomer she work with directly but outside that circle that's not always true people say things like all you'll get today like you know an older man and like that's that's such a weird thing to say thanks okay boomer to herself when colleagues don't understand the concept of a fluid gender identity they'll say something like you know they're only two genders and I mean I understand that that's how they were raised to pay that kind of stuff just doesn't find out Megan Johnson is a consultant for companies on generational differences Johnson who is Gen X. by the way says older workers need to figure out how to pass the baton in less the older generation really lets their ego down and allows the younger generation to come on board and challenge the way they do things there's gonna be this disconnect of course generational great being in stereo typing are nothing new remember when Jen x.'ers were called slackers so not everyone agrees that okay boomer speaks to deep underlying tensions after a out of the prized by it season one stock is a boomer herself and the vice president at a A. R. P. which advocates for people fifty and older we have a lot of research that shows how much workers actually like to work together no matter the generation so it might be that okay boomer is just another example of how social media so the sense of discord the way it has in politics in fact a A. R. P. unwittingly played a role in that last week another executive at the group was quoted saying okay millennials but where the people that actually have the money that too went viral under what else the hash tag okay boomer later A. A. R. P. responded to the knee mid inspired saying social media took the statement out of context the group said it meant to say don't overlook or dismiss boomers don't let stereo types like that divide us you get a good cheek NPR news Washington this is NPR news and this is morning edition on KCRW ahead on morning edition the governor of Texas is the city of Austin's policies toward the homeless have created a public health problem it also does not fix this homeless crisis I will unleash the full authority of every state agency more on this clash between state and local officials of that's coming up on morning edition here on KCRW key.

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