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This is the California report. I'm penny Nelson. The American Civil Liberties union is seeking an immediate halt to President Trump's use of his national emergency declaration to fund construction of a wall along the southern border. The California report lily Somali has more the ACLU was one of several groups to sue the Trump administration after the president declared a national emergency in February lawyers argued at Trump was a legally trying to go around congress, which controls the federal purse strings to fund a wall. Now, the civil rights organization says it's the first to seek a preliminary injunction against the use of the declaration to move funds around to build it arguing. The Trump administration has its eye on military pensions and pay ACLU attorney drawer law dean says they're suing on behalf of the Sierra Club and the southern border communities coalition in California. Northern district are plaintiffs our border community organizations who have been forced to set aside everything that they were planning to do this year to respond to this imminent threat of border wall construction, and a court could now put a stop to it and let our organizations get back to work for their communities. President Trump argues it's necessary to go around congress to pay for the wall in order to clamp down on drug trafficking. The ACLU will make its case before US district judge Haywood Gilliam and Obama appointee. In Oakland for the California report, I'm lily Jamali. Meanwhile, the president is slated to pay a visit to California Mexico border today after a week of threatening to shut the border down. He now claims he'll give Mexico a one year warning to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking before closing the ports of entry but border cities like collects Icho east of San Diego are still on edge and gearing up for the president's visit. Reporting max, Rivlin Nadler reports..

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