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To get to work in the morning right now it's rocky's qna on koa newsradio here on rockies q and as we wrap up our visit with gregg feazel the rockies executive vice president chief operating officer and greg there are things going on all year to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the organization i think one of the cool things is the alltime twenty five if you will we spoke this weekend with brian fuentes about it and on the twenty third of next month the we're going to have all those guys in or hopefully all those guys in to to salute this franchise from its roots to where we are today you know it's really been a main it's just been a joy and i talk to brian yesterday and because most of us have been here so and when chris i never came back it's it's like well this is where you should be and yeah when we did the two thousand seven and you know obviously we're not you know we don't have fifty years of a franchise but it has been a joy to see the players come back they're bringing their wives their kids and i can't tell you how much we're looking forward to to the twenty third and it's gonna be special it's going to be an afternoon game with the marlins on the twenty third of june is saturday afternoon and i'm sure they'll be some activities throughout the weekend i i don't want to paint you into a corner but i'm going to in all the years best memory as as the rockies have played along through these twenty five plus years you know i got a lot of them but you wouldn't you wouldn't necessarily perceive him you know i think about our staff on the snow days and out there shoveling snow so we can play i think about three years ago we had twenty two hours rain delays i think about our fireworks game and all that goes into that and and the and the joy fatal and tim mcgraw on the all star game i you know.

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