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So show it's a beautiful thing so here's the number eight seven seven six hundred gang and whether the market's going up or the market costa it doesn't really matter because it doesn't affect you i'm giving you it's like i'm having somebody video what i'm doing when i buy a shock or sell short a stock and then you have that for thirty nine ninety five a month are you kidding me nobody else in the country do that for thirty nine hundred a month trusting that you're going to help out saint jude okay so the market is really going nowhere even though one day we're up six hundred next they were down six hundred one day we're up six hundred or even we're flap and the market just sitting there like it's stuck but don't let them blame i wanna i wanna finally let let's talk about this trying to think seriously so we can you know the truth china is winning a war they can say there's no china there's no war yes there is miniatures lion corsairs war they're stealing five hundred billion a year from us five hundred billion i love it when you trump he's unlike any other president we ever had because he's an entrepreneur he's a doer he's rainmaker he's not a politician politicians lie trump doesn't lie and i love how this show he's he's doing this one mandate changes mine does this he doesn't know what he's doing they're all everybody's in the white house is crazy now trump doesn't change his mind he changes his direction that's what these critics don't understand entrepreneurs and businessmen they don't change their mind they set there i on a goal and they're like a bulldog and they're not gonna get there to that gold no matter what they have to do and his goal he doesn't need to put his hand out like pelosi he doesn't put his hand out like schumer he's got plenty of money so he's doing it for the country and his ego he wants to go down history has been the best present ever and he will go down in history is best present ever trump doesn't change his mind but he changes direction and no one gets them the more uncertainty there is yes the market goes up and down the market doesn't like uncertainty but george that uncertain critics to say is uncertain but he's not trump himself he knows exactly what he is doing when.

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