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Point two billion dollars a year sticking it to the tax payers and business owners of Indiana. This is for the roads right for the you mean for hip two point. Oh. Yeah. They say it's for the roads. Yeah. Right. Sure. I don't care what it's for. If you're for one point two billion dollars in annual tax increases. I don't know how you could possibly say. You're all about commerce. Let's the alternative though. What is I understand? Nobody likes taxes. But you got the money's gonna come from somewhere that right? Where what are you cut? What are you stop spending it on? I can tell you right now that between episodes say DNR and a host of other government agencies. You could find half a billion dollars without without batting an eye. Again, we we're operating on the premise that. There is no further cuts could be made to stay government. We're operating from the standpoint that there's no waste in government. And if you find one dollar of waste if you can find one dollar of waste, then you shouldn't be raising people's tag. You're saying you cut that I instead of race those newly and prove to me that you can use the money responsibly. I've told you guys this before I've worked within dot when I was in. Local government. They are like the, mafia. They are the last people in the world. I would give any money to unchecked. And you're gonna give them one point two billion a year. Let's give them. Let's give them cuts. First. Let's cut three hundred million for a year. Let's see what you do if you do. Well, then we'll consider giving you more, and it's bizarre because politics and government seems like the only place where people putting a budget together don't make.

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