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Is good of road racers as as they can be but they're very very talented driver so it wasn't necessarily uh teaching fundementals because it's as a really good race driver you can be able to adapt or you have to be able to adapt as a good racing driver and and and all those guys definitely are so as a coach it was just trying to figure out what concepts or phrases to have them focus on and then once they knew what to to work on the there were there so i haven't been in in these cars nearly as much as as they out so there's a steep learning curve for me and in that regard yeah looking forward to some of the drivers that's a you've you've coach so when you're out there we can go you know what he's he's working on one of the guys that he's taught at pretty much all the four gaza than stuart haas you switched over to ford's everybody else have been working with from the truck series on up to cobb you've got one under your about new series any plans to do anything like that in the future yeah that was also that was my first oval era i don't come from the oval background and run into the top ten the portion of the race to be on the lead lap the entire race and be in the top ten foot just a green white checker scale by god shuffled back to finish fifteenth was was still a pretty decent i will ever so if if there's more opportunities to do that in the future out absolutely a jump on that you are you're coming off the 24 hours of lamont how's the the vibe over there for racing in in europe the 24 hours laws one of the greatest in and largest sports car races in the world so there was a ton of people they are trying to fans something that we don't really quite get as much of in the states for road course sports car racing it was an off some atmosphere in.

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