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And white and your wellness plan. Shouldn't be either curious about your own health program. Dial into your unique needs a highly recommend checking out inside tracker right now. They're offering mike immunity twenty five percent off at inside tracker dot com forward slash. Dr hyman that's dot grind inside tracker dot com. That's s. i. D. t. r. a. c. k. r. dot com slash. Dr hyman vr h. Ym an and you'll see the discount code in your cart. I know a lot of you out. There are practitioners like me helping patients. He'll using real food and functional medicine as your framework for getting to the root cause. What's critical to understanding what each individual person and body needs is testing. Which is why. I'm excited to tell you about rupa. Health looking at hormones organic acids nutrient levels five metairie factors gut bacteria and so many other internal variables can help us find the most effective path to optimize health and reverse disease but up till now. That menu are usually ordering tests for one patient from multiple labs and. I'm sure many of you can really time this process was and then it could all feel like a lot of work to keep track of now. There's rupa health a place for functional medicine practitioners to access. More than two thousand specially loud from over twenty laps dutch fiber in america genova great plains and more rupa health helped provide a significantly better patient experience and ninety percent. Faster letting you simplify the entire process of getting the functional medicine lab tests you need and giving you more time to focus on patients. This is really much needed. Option of functional medicine space. And i'm so excited about it means better service for you and your patients you can check it out and look at a free live demo with a q. And a. or create account at rupa health dot com. That's our up. A health dot com. Now let's get back to this week's episode of the doctors pharmacy. Welcome to the doctors pharmacy. I'm dr mark hyman. That's farms who than ffa our.

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