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Of my time there yet and the people who didn't come back they time there yet but also i want to look at it objectively which can be dangerous if be trying to it does achieve. Yeah i did a interview for bbc wales last week. And they're doing a documentary on welsh welsh and welsh guys on. I didn't enjoy it now. One because i don't like being your side of the mic on. Oh yeah. I prefer it to be in control but app. It's asking question but worried about. Oh that was going to go. Actually because i got a feeling narrative is going to be. We shouldn't have other going. I'm part documentary. Which i get. Yeah i made a mistake. Actually i signed. I signed the. I signed the god the paperwork giving him authorization. Sign up there and then we insight. I should've i should've wade finished product now. If you don't get away with anyway we'll see we'll see that it's a very tricky subjects even when you bring you out with anyone even leads. They're all like oh you know it's a tough one. It's a tough one to get the into well. The question is better off now than what it was before and as an easy answer is obviously better off than what it was before. I think the answer is no but then you know you talk about what we did. The patron hugh big epic jack. We talk in. We looking operation. Level campaign level is still pretty low down on the bigger picture strategy. Long term strategy of the country's hemispheres go full so what achieve in the long run don't know would as well as being part of a bigger political military posturing to china russia. Time the just you know. Then i you know as we say that's way above my pay grade wave of my pay grade Told i just got paid to do untold and That's it so. I don't wanna get too political not one. I'm talking about the marine corps. Same one that's run a same as the one. I own a dp nine weeks. We we we ourselves. So i believe now from knowledge that is free the same the same structure i mean so of i noted chief instructor is a neck. Yeah because We we have our own course at lympstone which used to be nine weeks. But it's been increased to forty now. And i believe powers and god's do one per boy is headed by a putin. Yeah exactly oh has a one. Point wasn't headed by neck. But i'm i'm i'm pretty sure is and then you go brechin. Course which is the other regiments army regiments. They get down there and do a bit of a raise. That though is i think you do. You know why that gopro beckham is still case. Do you know why because it didn't used to be used to be hasty. You would their causes for has compassion regimen right. You guys at your costs then. Yeah and then..

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