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Second time in three weeks that Ohio states given up a ninety three yard touchdown after TCU had one two weeks ago the buckeyes desperately needed to get a break of their own in this contest. And after yet another offense of drive ended in a punt the defense responding to miles Sanders, going straight ahead and Sanders be put down with a lot of scrimmage. There's a late scramble as though the ball may have come loose as there's a pile of bodies all over the place Buckeye players for signaling. They have the ball. No official signal yet. Draymond Jones comes up with the ball. And Ohio state's got that's the play. We're looking for somebody step up in June. Fumble their doctors road Wayne pressure coming throws middle feel caught by Dobbins with according to the Penn State ten. Into the zone goes to cut staff has play the buckeyes get on the board there. First six thanks to a fumble recovery. Ohio State on the board is Penn State took a thirteen seven lead into the half. But the buckeyes would have the ball to start the third quarter to go to Penn State four ask a chance going less side next is way into the end zone. J dominance on a four yard touchdown run. Dobbins with his second score of the night. I state has tied the game at thirteen Penn. State would go three and out. And when it looked like the buckeyes had taken over they self-destructed kick for Nuremberger is in the air toward the upright, sunny good. Excellent penalty flag is down on the field. Take the baby. Forty eight yard field goal. Spotted Sean Nuernberger with a kick headed to the uprights. And that is no good. Soared remains a one point game. So just wanna to look like Penn State would have momentum coming off that miss momentum would prove to be sick. Obese sorely will take watch the throw quarterback draw forty forty five forty five. The Ohio State forty yard line fourth and walk Vince day to the Ohio State twenty four sorely shotgun. Sanders to his leg. He gets the snap at four Dak visa throws at it. Is that it into bleep with chase? Get his big frame up body recognition solid up the passed away. So the book is held onto their one point lead going into the fourth quarter. But the Nittany lions offense wasn't done yet. Thirteen factos surely steps off of the pocket. Jay. Football is also going to be a penalty flag as well targeting. Call hammer went down right at the thirty yard life. Sorely sorely back. He throws the. Johnson back in the game. The staff. Back soon. What are you gonna check? Down before. Elbows down first and goal tend to go enroll would sorely Sanders. Mental Sanders bowls. Touchdown. Surly was Sanders. Who's left happen hammer? Tries to get to the edge turns the corner is to be they do it is twenty six fourteen live with eight minutes to play look like Penn State had put the game away Ohio State sounding into room and took it a mile back through the fires field break tests made at the thirty five yard line and his Benjamin vicar to the left to the thirty. Twenty fifteen ten touchdown fix Victor Benjamin. Victor on a forty seven yard pass play slithered his way through Penn State's defense and gives Ohio State at touchdown in The best thing. the best. After the sidelines. Into the end zone buckeyes down six Ohio State was still alive, but they needed to get the ball back. And after they were pinned at their own four yard line with four and a half minutes to go the Buckeye offense took over. Daba to the ten fifteen twenty. That's it back up to the twenty five to the thirty goes. And he is tackled at his own forty yard line. Jay dobbins. Former linebacker brings me down. I down buckling. Thirty three forty six to three thirty five to play buckeyes. Police running rights. I the first down wherever still chugging and he's out about the stakes forty three yard line Garrett sailor safety with a sophomore I down with three and a half. Look so third at five of the twenty four to twenty five accounting four quarters. Quick screen goes rights. I j hill he'll push into the twentieth. One St. to the fifteen. Goes to the end zone. Touchdown K J hill. Twenty four yards is he caught it on the right side and spirit his way through the Nittany lion defense, and it's twenty seven twenty six Ohio State of gopher to hear fires in the end zone to watch. So now Penn.

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