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The storm. Mcdonald's thing from NBC really really bothers me nor McDonald. Comedian and writer and. He's a conservative isn't he kind of Hollywood conservative and doesn't hate America. How's that for Hollywood? And he came out with something. I what I saw was very rational and said, look Roseanne and Louis C K have paid a very high price, and they're both friends they made mistakes. But you know, how long is this going to how long does this go on any said it started with one hundred women can't be wrong about some guy. And then it was one person can't be wrong about someone and it's like, well, one person absolutely can lie. One person lies all the time. Yes. And he I think he had one part of it. And I can't remember exactly what it was. But he did apologize for one way. He phrased something. Yeah. He phrased it the way he phrase remember what it was. But the way he phrased it was. Right. Let's see like Chris Hardwick. I really thought that got the blunt end of the stick. And they've turned this into. Oh, you're you're downplaying the the victim. And and saying that they, you know, their their pain is comparable to you know, Roseanne. Well, let me let me ask you. I mean when it comes to sexual abuse. I'm with you. I'm I'm with you. You know, if you've got a racist in the room and everything else we David Duke. Roseanne's victim. I mean is there a time or a place at any? I mean is this is this Les Miserables you make one mistake, and you have to continue to pay for it for the rest of your life. Or are we country that says, okay? Well, you paid a very big heavy price and come on back in the community. And let's see what you do. Now. Have you learned your lesson? Now Roseanne awful, and I never would have hired her in the first place. But she what she what happened with her was a victimless crime. Right. Like Valerie Jarrett is real is. She really upset if she really a victim in this. I mean, she was called a she had a bad joke told about her wasn't good. And I.

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