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Davis Shakir Adam Karol over there as we were talking about to mcqueen's online ING. But one of his siblings and not Steve, but Alexander your confusion. You clicked in thinking you were watching a Steve McQueen documentary, and instead you got fashion designer, Alexander McQueen funny, Steve McQueen was a colossal douche bag, and it's funny how we it's not part of the metoo movement. It's not part of the whatever. But like when you see his son like Chad interviewed this funny how there's like kind of code for stuff like everyone talks about seeing McQueen. It's like it was generous guy. He was your best friend, but you disagreed with him. You get a punch and. Guys punching you. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh man. If you, if you're a writer and you screwed up that punctuation and you'd better duck. We're doing when he was doing the Ma. He had one hundred seventy two riders and fourteen different directors. I'll punch. They punch your ball. I mean, hey, here's a greatest guy in the world. World when he was eating a snow cone and you were blowing him not the greatest kind of world. We had to give them some bad news. I disagree with your thoughts on the script, or I think somebody else should direct. Oh, he, oh, boy. He punched in the face the way you're not speculating about what that would be like to be around. Somebody like that. We have Ray in our lives. He is somebody who would physically assault you for even not sliding him. So we know it's an unpleasant saying, like, when you're describing somebody you could say about, you know, Timothy McVeigh. That was a great guy to have a beer with, but he'd blow you up, you know, crossed. Yeah, everyone's a great guy and have a beer with like when you're when their team is on and their team is winning and they got a beer, everyone's a great guy to have, but the guys we sort of measure the guys is when you have to go to them with bad information, like scratch your car cleaned or whatever. And if they punch in the face for that, yeah, mcqueen's l. they is is great. You'd better don't cross it. I mean, he go, you tell them some news. You don't wanna hear what you were having fun. He was a lot of fun. But then when we were working, he punch you. Take a swing at everybody, which is crazy. Also, he did a good power move. I think I'm going to do with I learned in his his other doc, which is I want to do with Matt fund Lear, which is steel is lady..

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