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With rape in separate cases they were each arrested after schools earlier this month in Montgomery County they are charged as adults because they are older than eighteen look I'm a county police confirm officers arrested twenty year old Jonathan Korea Salamanca at McMurry Blair high school on February thirteenth charging him with second degree rape and sex abuse of a minor charging documents say Salamanca had a sexual relationship with an eleven year old girl for three months last year the documents say the victim's father found a phone Salamanca had purchased for the girl in her room and on its socks posted photos and texts shared between the two a judge ordered Salamanca held without bond in a separate case police confirm they arrested nineteen year old Ivan Ramos Lopez at Bethesda Chevy Chase high school on February nineteenth charging him with second degree rape the camera county schools has yet to comment on either case Meghan clarity WTOP news we're still working to gather the details on that second case will get them to you as soon as we can five twenty two renters in Montgomery County have a really cool reason to smile this evening potentially a bill asking landlords to require air conditioning was unanimously approved earlier today by the county council landlords have to put in a C. for use between June first and September thirtieth the bill was sponsored by councilman Tom Hucker we're we're not only concerned about the cost of a window unit which isn't that much but it's the more expensive electric upgrades that may be necessary in some of our older rental properties landlords will have to pay for upgrades at the bill does not apply to single family homes landlords can ask for a six month extension the bill now goes to county executive mark L. rich for approval now to a story we've been following that's important to your grocery shopping thousands of Safeway workers still plan to strike March.

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