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Jeremy greater recounts sizeable Lisa Jaffe arrest warrants are being issued in Florida for pair of NFL players including the sea hawk on several counts of armed robbery with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm according to Miramar police the suspects are Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks and D. Andre Baker of the New York Giants the warrants stem from an incident when they allegedly began robbing people at a party after an argument broke out police reports indicate Dunbar assisted in taking watches cash and other valuables authorities say they believe the robbery was planned because there were multiple vehicles that were positioned to expedite an immediate departure from the scene neither player is in custody but both were expected to turn themselves in and it's interesting because Charlie harder was up tweeting out this morning that the Seahawks justice showed an interview with Dunbar this morning as he was being asked about what it was like to be as a part of the C. hawks today of as people slowly return to work social distancing rules will still be in effect and now some companies are turning to wearable technology to send reminders to employees if they're getting too close to their peers reporting on this in the Washington post is cancer Craske and she spoke about it with como's Taylor van sice from the look of some of these devices it kind of looks like a a Fitbit or a watch that would be used to one of these things like proxy halo in their bracelet due to the person who's wearing it that's exactly right so these bracelets walk a lot like a sports watcher that and basically if you are wearing a proxy halo bracelet and you get within six feet of another person wearing a bracelet it'll start to vibrate to remind you not to get too close to another person and it'll feel a little bit like your cell phone going off if you had it on vibrate mode okay so it's not a big alarming sensation a severely but some people may be alarmed by the fact that their employer wants them to suddenly have some not necessarily jewelery but tracking device on them yeah I think you know it's a big shift for the American workplace you view devices so far have been adopted both in industrial settings you know the one example we talk about in the article is that ward has been experimenting with Samsung smartwatches to alert people on the tractor you that they're getting too close to one another but you know this is just kind of part of a broader trend of employee monitoring that is expanding amid the pandemic and company think about how they're going to bring workers back safely and you know while the blood thing might not be that much of a concern for people this technology will be able to see you know okay how long were you in an area with another person at the company and and that you can raise some privacy concerns for employees has the proxy halo bracelet and competitors with the halo bracelets have they been on the market for a while or is this all kind of in response to the pandemic no wonder making social distancing bracelet before a couple months ago but basically companies like proxy there's another one in Europe called Bombay they were making wearables for industrial work setting so proxy until a few weeks ago with making a bracelet that basically warned people working on construction sites and other utility rolled of the risk of electrocution and so they have adapted the report so they're already making for industrial workers now work for the new purpose social distancing and finally in general what kind of costs would be associated with implementing this kind of system it added the employer proxies bracelets cost a hundred dollars per bracelet and and Samsung and other companies have various price point they think that there's something that grows in popularity will be water rushed to market what do you think and perhaps more existing smartwatches like the Samsung one speaking out that it could do that additional job for the where cats Christie with us on komo news reporter from The Washington Post.

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