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Holiday meal. Sometimes we go through hard times and there are people that help. I'm David Welch. Caltrain is receiving a big boost in the most recent federal spending bill. And one of the most devastating storms to hit buffalo has paralyzed the city, I'm ELISA clancy, CBS News, is next. When you need to know, kcbs a.m., KF R CFM, and HD one, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Odyssey station. 8 o'clock? This is CBS News on the hour sponsored by rocket mortgage. I'm Christopher Cruise in Washington, the brutal winter storm that's being blamed for 34 destination wide, including 17 in New York, has made history. Governor Kathy hochul. Wizard of 77, that was always the reference. Well, it's not as bad as the blizzard of 7. Today I'm here to say that is now in the history books. We have surpassed the scale of that storm in its intensity, the longevity, the ferocity of the winds. Its dangerously cold in South Carolina as well. Berkeley counties emergency management director will Rochester is worried about the homeless. We want to keep him out of the elements. That's the biggest thing. We know it's going to be cold. It's the coldest day that we've experienced in a long time in the low country. So that's the biggest thing and mitigate any kind of medical issues or any kind of illness or injury for folks that don't have that place to go when it gets really cold. Police in pierce county, Washington are investigating an early Christmas morning attack on three power substations. Cairo TV reporter Bruce de Hogan says the attacks knocked out power to about 14,000 customers. Christmas morning, thousands and pierce county woke up in the dark. I woke up in the power was out. The pierce county sheriff's department says they received a call of a burglary at the Tacoma public utility substation. All three happened in the

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