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Yeah missing the other day story craig. Kimbrel would be like my guy for perfect fit on that team because really only jake mckee has postseason experience. I mean yeah. There are a lot of great moving parts here But a lot of young and maybe inexperienced down the stretch on. And that's where kimberly who has You know contract through next season at money the giant certainly can afford would like solidify that bullpen but matty how about the as their needs already turned to the cubs bullpen to adjust one of them. i think you know if you had looked at it about a month ago and we did Ask david forced two weeks ago. Just kind of to allow what they were looking at before. The deadline and relief felt was a big one And the last night they weren't trade for andrew shaking left-hander from the coutts Who i would guess is gonna come in as sort of a setup guy Another left-hander they've gone through most of the season with jake diekmann is the primary left-hander And just another guy who can he. He's been together. Good season for the cubs can pitch some of those late inning high leverage situations. They have done all right in for the most part of the season but used a lot of the same guys and and those guys have been well used between the deepened trevino and he's married petite trio So i think they could definitely probably use another another bullpen arm. But now you're looking at the last month and the their offense has been quiet for For some time now. So i think if you're looking at this specific i mean if they could get potentially another bat in the outfield. Some that one of those corner outfield spots Would help a lot They haven't gotten a whole lot of production from the h. Spot throughout the season. So i mean if they were to bring in somebody who was corner outfielder could also take some h. Bats potentially left handed hitter through going down the list That would probably be a really really good fit for them but obviously the financial considerations are always a big thing. They do seem pretty for route throughout the Hundred games or so. They've been pretty stable in the rotation so it's always risky. Maybe too Too soon that's gonna to happen. But in terms of position groups it seems like rotations may be at the the lower end of the needs list. Right now yeah. I you know bob. Melvin is not going to be critical of the roster as is but i bet if you bought a a cocktail or two and sat him down he would say yeah the give me more relievers and and safin is absolutely as a lefty really nice fit and fits financially into what they do in oakland. But how 'bout and susan you reference this You know you might be getting some guys back here. How how would that factor into the trade deadline because the giants entire infield the projected infield is on the injured list of crawford short and longoria in on the right side Estella who really has done much yet..

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