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Someone tell me something. That's really embarrassing. That they need to get off their past so does anything come to mind like most embarrassing moment of your life okay. Bailey has won. This is embarrassing but So I went. I was going to the bathroom and I sat and didn't realize that because okay so when I go to the bathroom I put my toilet like laid down because I have this weird thing about the germs. Like when you flush toilet going to everything about them but I was so like space cadet and didn't live up you buy toilet. That must've been such a process to clean up questions about this. So when you sat down. Did you not feel that? You just decided to keep going. How fogged my brain wise? I I think I had just woken up because I was so out of it. That's so funny. I forgot to pull down my underwear not too long ago and plead with underwear on. Yeah that's a lot of cancer in the body suit and you're like Oh wait shit. Yeah yes retrigger trip green anything for you. I mean I just haven't really bad at geography and saying. Oh just you know every day every week. Some sort of like geography related thing comes up and have no idea like where status or if it's a state or a city or Canadian I'd forgive you but you're American American right. Yeah yeah that's so funny. I did the same thing I bought a piece of art in. Where was I yeah? We're well I was in Asheville Asheville North Carolina and I bought a piece of art. And you get to put a pin. Where now his art is in the state and there's pins everywhere and you get to put a pin in and like I live in Nashville and I was like in Nevada like ooh. That's how bad I am. That's what I'm also Canadian. So you tell you. Tell me where Saskatoon is. I think it's by Vancouver. Try though because if you did that it'd be very impressed. Yes see Americans don't know Canadian geography at all. Americans don't know anything about can Americans. Yeah usually but I don't even know anything about America. So that's what's your background like word era where you're like. Yeah Oh European mostly yeah. You Look European and A little bit of native Americans really. Yes so core you get haters not really Because my pages like so much about positively I like that kind of deters people. Yeah but on the rare occasion I do I really try to treat them with kindness and never let it get to me because obviously it's like some unhappy person somewhere so I don't WanNa be means them back but youtube is like a whole different. Youtube has the meanest viewers and people end up on your stuff who are not attached to you or following you are connected to you at all this land on one video and the Oh. I hate this girl. You're like Oh you know what that's the thing they don't know you so they're just saying that because it is more like take the view. Okay so where can people find you on instagram? All of the things that you do. I'm on Instagram Youtube and Tick Tock Delaney child's and then on my blog is the style seat dot com. Okay Amazing Well. Thank you so much for coming to my hotel room and having this thrown together podcast on the bed with me because yeah it was fun. It was a good way to start our day. And you know what I'm going to go into my day with gratitude and positively by Water and Bravo Bravo Bravo and thank you to your lovely boyfriend. Clayton for for helping us with everything and getting US waters and thank you for being Michael Hose. Nope not having a seizure not yet. Oh God let's go boxing. Thanks for listening to off the vine with Kaitlyn bristowe get new episodes every Tuesday. It's police deeply on podcast. One Dot com the podcast one APP and prescribe on Apple podcasts TV..

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