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Of the top priority for the vaccines along with the most vulnerable populations, like a World War two veteran who took the vaccine earlier today at the Phoenix Via They all want to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Arizona hospitals with the vaccine will be distributed to healthcare workers are making sure every detail is right to ensure a smooth rollout. Katya ours, Gabriel Gamino joins us now lie with more on their plans. That's right back, Yelena. Every single movement will be important to ensure safety during the drive through distribution of the Corona virus vaccine at Dignity. Health. Where do I walk after I give the vaccination even though I have a safety needle in a covered, so I have the quickest route to the Red Bend. Heather James with dignity, Health tells Katie A Are they practiced? First foot traffic patterns, Medical emergency protocol and even what to do in case a car breaks down and the line starts to pile up. The goal for them is to be able to administer 3600 vaccine today. Reporting live Gabriel Gumming Your key to our news. Katie our eyes on the economy as Congress continues to negotiate on a coronavirus relief package, time and money are running out for renters trying to stay in their homes. Tens of millions of Americans, many of whom are in Arizona, will likely face eviction Valley economist Elliot Pollack says it's on Congress to come up with long term solution for both renters and landlords. The government's problem, They shut everything down and they have to figure out to cure. Certainly they spent enough money to do this. They maybe didn't spend it in the right places. Pollack says. Most landlords can't afford to finance their tenants. Long term. Congress is currently negotiating the $900 billion relief bill that includes a federal moratorium on evictions through January. Jeremy Foster, Katya our news We already have some wrecks.

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