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A great looking friday guys i've been sports my whole life i was just listening to that sound bite that you were playing jeff mckinney from mickey callaway we have the ability to spin the ball what the hell's he talking about the pitchers who throw spin spin the ball i been sports forever i don't ever hear i don't think i've ever heard of manager or someone say what we really spend the ball well i mean what was he talking about baseball talking about the subway series a little spin could be an order the ability to throw breaking stuff i mean they've got the pitchers they need some hitters using from out well but and and i know michael you're from upstate but i'm so proud of this weekend a subway series belmont triple crowns excited great to be new yorker a fantastic's because its subway series and everything is heightened everything is under the magnifying glass are that's going to break out of it because of that even though they're paying playing what appears to be a vastly superior they're better chances tomorrow night against on the yankees pitcher listen to me historically the mets have been similar to the jets when you expect the very worst they summarize you they bounce back and then the jets have always been that way the mets when you expect let's think bad things well if you expect a nightmare sweep this weekend with scores of twelve nothing fourteen nothing which may happen surprise you i can't remember the last time i met hit a home run i mean you know so we'll see what will they they can learn from the yankees because they know how to hit home runs the only thing better for a new york sports fan is if the knicks were also in the nba finals as we can i don't think i'll see that again in my lifetime reciting weekend where len berman alex site i'm psyched banning the world once again arrigo our big three the president says he doesn't have to prep much for the nursery and some got to land he's got attitude says it's about attitude is and and as i as i told you michael i i'm gonna stop prepping for the show because it's all about i'm gonna develop an attitude i'm gonna be one of those radio talk show hosts that has an opinion on everything even.

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