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Did you have after the graduation you got your family all come over all that was all in the same day. So just imagine how big of a day it was coach calls me on July 9th and said Happy Birthday. You're now Cal State Fullerton Titans. Let's go. I couldn't even fifteen sixteen. So I just could not get that Seventeen. I just cannot get and he finally called me two days before my birthday and said you're now officially a Cal State Fullerton Titan. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. You thinking Seventeen about the term eighteen? I was headed to California, you know, the old saying your parents are you gotta get out of your house when you turn eighteen so that Friday my best friend takes me to a strip club in Lake Jackson wiegold. I ended up leaving that strip club going to Toronto to play in the All-Star game. And then after that All-Star game, I was on a flight to California that month. So some in my in my journey started there. I've never shared this story with anybody. So this is some exclusive content James. I got caught up in a gambling situation and Cal State Fullerton with somebody offered me some money to throw a game and I did the right thing. I told the coach it made front page of the LA Times the Orange County Register all of that and here I was offered some money and you know me not knowing the situation right the coach kind of, you know, people were the media was knocking on my door Cody and I I didn't know how to handle it and I told the coach the situation and instead of I was a freshman starting. And I would a true freshman starting so they would I had went out there they were going to Redshirt me, but I had excelled so well that they allow me to start or I had learned that chance to start and then here I was getting playing time and then when that gambling situation happened he bench me and to me I just told him I said, you know, that's it. I'm out and when I did my project to go to the University of New Orleans as I was looking at my next I said, I'm going to get all five of the schools in the University there that shows as corny as this may sound crazy choosing New Orleans because I was on a plane with Master P and I wanted to get did you not want to play Master P. I got the hookup had just came out and I had my my idol. I had my first tattoo with the No Limit Tank. Come on my first tattoo and here I'm on the plane with Master P and he's like, why don't you go to LSU? Why don't you go check out? Suno or Southern and how about I only know you want to know because my assistant coach at Cal State Fullerton is here and because he's here I'm going to go, you know, see what he's all about money. He gives me his number and the next day on my visit. He says I said, can I call Master P. I got this number I call it says No Limit Studios. I said, my name is Corey Saint Louise. I'm looking to speak Master P. They said oh, he's been waiting on your call. He gets on the phone and he says I'm having a limo to come pick you up up at Lakefront Arena. I said, hold on. Let me ask the coach. It's okay. The coach says what I really wanted to spend some time with you and I knew I was out there on a business trip. So I had to tell Master P which I think that worst move that I ever did but I told Burt thank you for the opportunity, but I came out here on some business and I need I need to understand and get to know this culture especially about used to come out here and Ed. That weekend was Silkk the Shocker his graduation party and so they were really they turned the city up and I'm I missed out because I went to go do a visit now the coach took me to the Saints practice facility to meet Ricky Williams. Who was the biggest thing at that time and I got a chance to meet Mike Victor, but I didn't care about football. I wanted to be with Master P. So so I ended up going with University of New Orleans and and I did that because of the relationship that he acted like he cares. Whereas the coach over at Cal State Fullerton did not the coach that recruited me off our last game of the season. He told he got me in his car cuz you know, you can't ride in the vehicles with the coaches. He put me in the story cuz I'm going to take you home. He says I'mma tell you this she says I'm not come back to Cal State Fullerton next year and he says I only came back this year because you reminded me a lot of me and I felt like you needed one year of me grooming you and with that being said On that coming back. I think you have your wings this time for you to grow and I say if you're not here, I'm not here and that was what transitioned me to go over to the University of New Orleans so long. Wow, that's amazing. How about you Mister Lawrence? What attracted you to school a couple of events one of the things that baseball was my sport I played baseball from the time I was in the third grade off until the time I graduated from high school But I grew up in the box and the environment my dad's a boxing trainer..

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