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Is it you discovered about him that you're beating yourself up well he has not filed any of his taxes federal or state for about the last four years gain in the food service industry he make very low money i think he just wasn't really concern he's he's a vis vis shenyang have this attitude that it lives on his off always been selfsufficient since he was one years old that he just doesn't take care of these you know issues that all of us now we have if you will end just ignore them will let me tell you some things i i want you to relax some if he's been at a very low wage with these four years we may not be in any significant amount of trouble okay so the first things i was going to sound crazy but the irs will actually help him file returns for those four years he can afford to pay for somebody to prepare them but the better answer if you want to step in and help would be to go to and enrolled agent or a cpa who does tax and pay him or her to help reconstruct the four years as best as possible and filed returns because if he has very little tax liability from those four years and some of them if he's been very low wage he may not have any tax liability for them he may not have is bigger problem is you suspect and that's what i was hoping i guess what i was wondering if the fact that he didn't file panel key forgive out following so there is a failure to file penalty but it's based on what your tax liability is what makes it really grow so he had no tax liability in a year is not the problem you suspect and in fact there may be a year.

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