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Would is What do you think is exciting? Most orthodontist to join your group today is that is that the economy is at competition smiles. Direct Club is at the pandemic, or is it just a perfect multifamily to`real storm? A people seeing? Comfort in our herd mentality. Well, it's probably the latter more than anything but I I also think over time may mean. We got started back in the late seventies when Schulman selected out a a group of Fourth Donna. That, he wanted to meet with and SORTA teach them. Had A run a better business and from there over the years? It has gotten stronger with different quote. Unquote leaders at the time we had, but there for a long time we had John McGill We most recently brown ribbon, and then of course myself, so you you end up having different people sort of mold to group over time and I think it really got going because bud stress, not only running a good business being very fair and sharing information so that. Each individual practice would almost be required if you will to bring up ideas or thoughts that could make everybody stronger, and they could be in the actual movement of teeth, but it also could be just in the arrangement of the business hiring staff. How to make sure they're. Trained properly getting them set up with the right systems, and I think the timing was just right to to get a group together, and then they spread out across the country, which frankly from my perspective. That's what I like so much because you get the here even with the pandemic. How everyone within the organization? If he can imagine were reacting to. What is happening in their particular town city state and It was very helpful. The group in my opinion, really as Chris alluded to earlier, really pulled together, and they shared a tremendous amount of information, and it certainly made us all stronger, so we all felt better about it We share information also about our families and what's going on, so I think that's. Ridiculous time of isolation made everybody feel a little bit better each day they'd see an email. Commend from somebody what's going on in their life. Things like that so. I think the timing is really good, and and continues to be good for her. For having a group of people across the country with the same goals, and yet they want to remain independent, which I really respect a lot because you know, they don't want to give up the running of their individual business and. We Want WanNa make sure that of course happens, but at the same time thanks to Chris were able to offer you know some benefits of the size of Austin in purchasing things or having certain benefits for our members. Was Fond of saying orthodontics is the greatest profession and the world, and he He lived from nineteen, twenty, two, two, thousand, eight. What I think was very neat about him also was. The business of Dentistry orthodontics. It was very taboo when I was in school. I mean you. If you went out in public talked about dentistry and money was like it was like you, don't you? Don't talk about you. Don't go to church and you know you. You just don't mix these things and I. Think I wonder what he would think today. I wonder if two thousand eight I will, he lived. Long enough to see Orthodox centers America, but it's just not taboo anymore to talk about the economics of your profession, and has certainly was when I was in school. No you're absolutely right and I think bud was. Ahead of his time for sure he actually as you mentioned that you know. He formed a company with a group of orthodontist called dental. Corporation of America, which was down in DC and they in essence, began to make appliances and doing different things four orthodontist, and he just continued to develop that and then with the group. He would continually ask the tough questions you know he would. Have people look at their tax. Return analyzed different things make different suggestions and I. I think it was a wonderful mix and you're right. You know for, Awhile. Dentist and Dentistry in general, and of course orthodontics, no separate I mean we weren't given a lot of business sense, and I think now with the margins getting tighter and tighter that it's really appropriate. For everyone in our field just to know a little bit more on how to. Save money with a particular purchase or save money in general just to take care of themselves, because it's certainly not gonNA. Get At least in my opinion, it's not going to be easy to raise fees. It's really going to have to be efficiencies on other ends. I think in time. and loss another great one Eugene Gondola. Break. Gene Gene was phenomenal. Yeah! So. So Opening back up I'm sure most of the orthodontist listening to right now or to same I mean I'm in Arizona, so we opened up last month on your lap in the northeast. It's a little It was. It was hotter up there. You should say is a lot. would what are the on? What are they saying to you as they come back online? Why think Muslim at least particularly that I'm online with a lot. are just excited to get back doing what they love to do, I think one of the things I love about orthodontists that they really enjoy their profession there in so I think many of them. Are Commenting as I saw across the country as some open, they were just thrilled being. Back with their patients, talking with them and working with them, and it really made for a very special. Time for them, and they would comment. Even you'd get a kick out of it. They would say Jeez, I'm hottest because a lot of the the equipment that now we wear in different things. It is a little uncomfortable, but. They were thrilled to be back. So I'm finding very positive responses very good feeling. They're thrilled to be back going a lot. Obviously, you're commenting that it's still you know slow gearing up, but that's to be understood and I think. It's really It just shows how much we all just enjoy what we do. Well, if anybody's complaining about wearing a mask you need to come to my house and see my dog. WHO's wearing one of those caller? Things sure I I'd wear a mask any day over wearing a dog collar. Rate. My Gosh. So you talked about the background, the Schumer Group because you have to websites you have. Maybe so you have the Schulman Study Group Dot Com and you have the showman group dotcom What do my homeys listening to you.

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