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And we back all right First before we get started. It is beginning of september. So shout out to all of our goes out there man onto y'all all month have a good time with twenty one on notice to dealing with a lot but enjoy yourself. Nobody is ninety september. That's why i'm shutting them out. I just started doing that more often. You know gotta so to listen to some love. I feel like You know at least make them feel special moments right. Nobody really shot to all my listeners. Because we listened to period. I miss you you my frame. All right we're going gonna jump now as we continue to discuss. These waved and release players over to the afc south. Start off with the houston texans because they did release not shots. They actually kept quarterback to shine wasn't on a roster. No this isn't a roster cut but by keeping the quarterback on his roster. The texans are using a spot on their fifty three man roster a roster on a player they don't expect to play for them this season so that is something interesting to keep in mind as we know watching face twenty two lawsuits alleging of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. I don't know if we have to say that for legal purposes or not. But that's going on for people that are happy to be listening to this podcast. And don't know anything about that. All right after cutting jeff driscoll houston is now carrying three quarterbacks. Tyrod taylor rookie davis mills and to shawn watson so i feel like that's a fair affair trimmed there But i will say a lot of people are ruined for them to pick up. The shaw Pick cam newton A nist yes. The teas texans is one of the one of the teams that i was saying. That there's two to three teams. That i feel like would actually Could start him or you know willing to pick him up to make it you know. Be the backup something of that. They did like i said mentioned earlier as well trade defensive in shack loss in other players that will waive slash release include titan anthony clear db shaheen carter receiver. Kiki tay who has been with them for believe a couple years so that's interesting Running back buddy. How is the only running back that was released after you know. They have an incumbent of rent veteran running backs lined up. So that was the only one surprise. Their linebacker showed thomas And and a few other guys but those are the main covert indianapolis colts. They didn't make any surprise cuts to get their roster down twenty fifty-three there wasn't much competition outside of who would be the team's backup quarterback or potential starter. During camp jacob. Easson was the front runner for most of the camp over sam linger. He officially locked up. Deposition etlinger went down with a knee injury that will keep him out several weeks. Etlinger injury leaves. The cult would just two quarterbacks easing in carson on the roster which we know carson situation it actually can't assume everybody knows that carson winces supposedly coming back sooner but you know he had foot surgery dow's putting them out for five to twelve weeks So kind of air. We don't really truly no but they made. It almost seemed like he could start week one. We'll see really going to find out within the next six days before First game comes up. It wouldn't be a surprise though if they added another one until another quarterback until elegant returns One intriguing thing colds did do is show their premium on having pass rushers As they six defensive ends on the roster so they are definitely trying to get quarterbacks. I mean they do have to compete with them Tough quarterback competition in their division. So you know. They know that the best way to get those guys stopped it. Slows teams down is to slow down their quarterbacks that are dual threat so make sense Other people name that Got releases well Include wide receiver to wreak black linebacker. Curtis bolden defensive tackle andrew brown. Cornerback anthony chesley end up. More jacksonville. Jaguars They had a pretty critical camp especially for a defensive tackle tavern Brian heading into final year of his rookie contract and he survived to make initial roster. Despite missing tom on despite missing time on the non football injury list and the reserve slash cova list at the beginning of training camp. The teams twenty eighteen first round pick has been disappointing in lost his starting job last season. Two undrafted rookie doug costing who didn't make the roster this season so keep that in mind but defensive coordinator joe cullen raved about brian's strength last week and said he needs to work on finishing plays so i guess they still have some. You know some hoping traded players for those. Don't know quarterback gardner men's shoe yes. The guy had been running the show out there for like the last two years. They traded him. He's gone quarter. Cornerback sidney jones. The fourth also got traded People also got released wave include wide receiver. Jalen can't cornerback. Lorenzo burns Wide receiver jeff Running back nathan. Cortel in a quarterback. Jake lighten just to name some people few others and then In your ashram make sure. I didn't forget anybody But yes a tough situation to be in Jaguars coming in here with rookie quarterback rookie ryan bad injured But they you know. Like i said are keeping keeping the people they need handy for the future tennessee. Titans release fourth. Rounder days fit. Fitz patrick in this release time The titans traded fourth fifth and seven round picks to the panthers to move up and select fitzpatrick with the one hundred and ninth. Pick this year. Fitzpatrick struggled early in camp earlier. This month coach. Mike verbal said the rookie had to do a lot to earn more significant reps of fitzpatrick seemed to settle in wants to titans went to tampa for joint practices with the buccaneers which was a highlighted. By twenty three yard touchdown reception in their preseason match up but he his late push wasn't enough even though the titans kept seven receivers on their fifty three man roster he just didn't cut it other views to actually one of two three receivers that got cut so him. Fred brown and mason kings kenzi But you know other. People in other positions offers alignment coal..

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