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HD, two Cumulus station. So close we are we were as a team. We're. Fit all your and we pronounce whatever we says it doesn't matter because it's it is. Yeah, I mean listen. What do you expect from the Bruins players? It's gut wrenching loss expected away near a heavy favourite going into, you know, they just could not solve Jordan and bidding tin consistently in the series. There were games that they did. And they were able route them, but there were other games where they could not and could not get a puck past Bennington. And then when you start to press, he get what transpired in that third period goals, three and four before they were able to get their first great goalie like being ten as a young guy, rookie will definitely pull the life out of a potent offense. And that's we did he shut them, down and shut the crowd down and shut everything down that that awesome. Keep that kid is great. So he's got a great career ahead of him. Yeah. He really does. And TASR also a wonderful scene. We should we. We'd be remiss if we did not mention, you know, the wonderful story of Layla Anderson, right? You know, she has been diagnosed with a life-threatening immune disease disorder called L, H, L, H, the team, the St Louis blues team broader to the garden into Boston last night, her, and her mom were there watching it. She celebrated she's kind of like the blue superfan. She celebrated it was able to kiss the Stanley Cup after this game went fine. I mean just awesome. When they when they showed her in the, you know the luxury box watching the game. It's really, you know, it doesn't bring a tear to your eye. You know you have. No. I mean, it's just a wonderful story. It really is. It's a great job amazing by the blues to get her to end by the Bruins organization. You know, I'm sure they set her up the right way that she was a member. She was a guest of the blues, you know, 'cause the organization I'm sure they saying by both clubs. She's a superfan point, right? Yeah. Right. You know what I mean? I know what you mean. I mean right. The Bruins I mean listen. Look at a young woman, young girl that's gone through, you know, a life threatening disease that's fighting for life. That's a huge Louis Blues fan. And, you know, his become kind of like the focal point of blues phantom out there and say Louis to see her there and being able to celebrate and be with the Stanley Cup and celebrate it with the blues team. It's just a wonderful story. Really? Yeah. Yep. And here she is after this game courtesy of sports net. I couldn't.

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