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For us? All right. So we have a case of sixty, one year old female she. She came to see us at spring, springhill cardiology clinic to establish care and she had achieved complain Ah someone told me my neck artery was. So, pretty dramatic chief complaint diving further into questioning we learned that she was told that she had an inclusion of abdominal aortic many years ago outside institution but she'd never had dedicated workup with imaging. She relaid this history to her primary care physician who ordered a carotid duplex ultrasound just to evaluate the extent of suspected propeller Chiro disease and she was found happened ninety nine percent inclusion of her right carotid artery with a patent left corroded. Moving forward with our history, she describes activity limiting qualification symptoms saving that she has difficulty walking more than a block or two before developing pain in her bilateral. cavs but sometimes radiate up to her thighs. She does say that this discomfort improves with rats but she thinks that her activity is limited more by this leg discomfort than a little bit of Disney that she tells us about while she. Denies. Any sort of chesting palpitations? lightheadedness dizziness? She's no longer extremity Dima no wounds and no evidence of headaches what an incredible patient oftentimes will say the patient comes in with chest pain of this character and so what's the differential diagnosis but she's coming to you telling you that my neck artery right here is blocked. Don't you wish that all patients were like this? Imagine a patient comes in with. have got an eighty percent inclusion of left circumflex at the bifurcation. It'd be so edible if every patient was like this. So Kudos to her knowing what was going on in having enough health literacy to guide you the right way to begin with. So really great. Absolutely. Yeah. She was really on top of her care was very educated and really trying to read up on everything that had been going on with her as well. So great point to further around out her medical history here besides what we've talked about already, she does have type two diabetes, high thyroid ISM and diagnosis of hypertension as well..

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