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The traffic the weather on the news of how to get the sports street in the morning and that's what I want it's just good information all day long with different personalities you figured we are Wisconsin's radio station W. G. M. J. you've heard about stem cells but not all stem cell treatments are the same I'm doctor Jeffries coda and along with doctor away Siddiqui at AZ age wave centers we offer only the highest quality regenerative treats others harvest stem cells from your own body it's an invasive painful procedure and the stem cells harvested are as old as you are at AZ age way centers our unique approach is amniotic stem cell recruitment which is essentially painless with superior results unlike others we use sophisticated imaging to ensure that the therapies delivered precisely where it is needed to schedule your appointment at wave centers dot com today to see if your candidate for receiving the amazing potential benefits of amniotic stem cell recruits W. two seven seven CVW TM Jay bill from the annex wealth management studio this is news radio W. T. M. J. this is W. T. M. J. nine.

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