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Seven fm wpro tournament yeah i'm here tournament right now and this is ridiculous tournament fundraiser kick the crap abc news even picked it up it's the it's the best piece of video i've ever heard i want her to come in to town i actually went to try to find her i'm actually gonna try to find her i think it's reese witherspoon wouldn't it be fantastic for her to like moderate debates you cut the crap you went over your time we are adults she is my favorite person on the planet right now other than man on the street bob was calling from providence we are adults bob this is cornell crap it's a cornhole cry hey if you're happy i'm happy you know i think it's funny she's finally ramping it up a little bit she realizes that she's in a little bit of trouble when you say governor raimondo yes man yeah all of a sudden we're getting press releases going from the campaign of governor gina raimondo tara i'll tell you she's got two things when you really look at it positive she's going to hinge on all the jobs that you brought to rhode island and then everybody's gonna counter with it's kind of a no brainer it's gotta get done at some point i don't know how we're going to hit but that back in the seventies when i was in these schools if the talk here in providence and something went with the elaborated then so i can only imagine what they're like now how however i will take anybody that for lack of better terminology half the lead a and doesn't go with the democratic party in the state of rhode island for the votes and deal with dear newness and being the governor just like we dealt with with her and she made all her mistake she just continues and she's so forthright about how she's doing it for the state but we know she's not and she knows you know i was just in providence.

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