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It can be any team. Pittsburgh was a actually no. That was more ben rothbury. 'cause i don't mind mike tomlin almond the steelers to be honest saying team the hate and no one's going to like me for saying it by maceda anyway the chiefs. No no no. Because i'm not behind on the bengals hate on the bengals. All the bengals are helpful for for for hurting. Joe borough of all teams and joe boroughs hate on them for building the team the way it should be coming into it and the highlight of how they're going to do because i i think gerard will be fine but that line is bad that they're throwing all these people that is That's more heating because they had gotten to. Starting quarterbacks consider was a franchise quarterback y'all may eighty year. But he was there for nine years. And you can even get two years out of a franchise quarterback and now you got joe under so wash. Ups that should be your. Afc team to he. Eight right i i would hate them from like a i think a lot of pt people would hate them. Just out of concern for joe borough or anything you know. And that's a good one. And then my other contention of whom to hate from the nfc so let me just go through my brain requests against the bucks that susie. If you hate on the i'll give you one team support on the nfc. If you have to do it just because of the stories come into i. I made this in good time. The arizona cardinals by god know locally league's very does not know what he's doing. Hate them because kyla murray is just a fantasy stats suffer and this is how the last two years has started where everybody was rub on then guts..

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