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U. S. economy added one hundred and sixty four thousand jobs during the month of July as the total labor force hit a record high of more than one hundred and sixty three million figures from the labor department today also show unemployment remains steady at three point seven percent the monthly payroll growth came in slightly lower than expected the wait is increased to three point two percent on a year over year basis a strike is been averted as the Columbus education association struck a deal overnight between the Columbus city schools and their teachers the CA says after seventeen hours of bargaining they reached an agreement around two o'clock in the morning the teachers had been pushing for smaller class sizes safer working conditions and many other conditions the current deal was set to expire later this month cyber criminals have found an effective new target for ransomware attacks public school districts it starts with a legitimate looking email that appears to come from someone you might know you open up the attachment does nothing there but your computer network is just been completely compromised branded Shoop is a county commissioner in Dothan Alabama where a malware attack on the school district has forced a two week delay in the start of class meanwhile Louisiana governor John bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency after four districts in his state were targeted while the school systems today it could be any public or private entity tomorrow he won't say whether the hackers demanded a ransom Jim Ryan ABC news thousands of bicycle a Sir hitting the road this weekend in the name of cancer research hello Tanya raises money for the Ohio state university's comprehensive cancer center just the sheer writers have raised over thirteen million dollars with nearly two hundred billion dollars raised in the eleven year history of the event writers are completing anywhere from twenty five to two hundred mile routes the longest route going from Columbus to Gambier and back I'm Scott Jennings the FBI believes Amazon drivers could be started part of a theft ring involving millions of dollars worth of packaged goods the F. B. nice says over the past six years the theft ring leader has received at least ten million dollars by selling those items on Amazon a search warrant unsealed in Seattle says two contract Amazon delivery drivers were involved investigators say store front businesses posed as pawn shops bought the goods from shoplifters and then resold them online.

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