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Tickling the deputies. One protester Livestreaming the incident, People heard taunting the wounded. Deputies corresponded Matt Gutman. The deputies are expected to survive a county Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he's concerned about more attacks like this on his deputies. Ron Hernandez is president of the Deputies Union. You don't see us running around right now, blaming everybody for what happened on Saturday. The people that are responsible. Saturday is one or two people. That's who we're blaming. Okay, and I would hope that everybody would do the same for law enforcement. There's $175,000 reward up with shooter. Sheriff Villanueva has called on LeBron James to match it, but so far no response. Of shootings in the city, almost double what they were a year ago. Police Commissioner Shay says Some of the resulting gun cases are now being taken to federal court. He says that gets around the problem of dangerous gun suspects being released without bail by state judges. We need dangerous people. Off the street, and I put a tweet out last night. You know, people are talking about it quite a bit, But we live in New York is one. I believe if it's not the only one of the few that judges can't consider dangerousness so they never have been able to and again. I think the discussion is healthy. Why? Because the status quo right now is not working. She was on New York one. He said his officers are arresting too many people multiple times for the same charges because of bail reform. A spokesperson for the court system said that Shape should be talking to the state Legislature, not blaming judges. DeBlasio cut the ribbon yesterday on one Vanderbilt, the city second tallest office tower. It's 77 stories and 1401 ft. It has direct access to Grand Central Terminal. One. Vanderbilt was finished three months ahead of schedule on $100 million under budget. It is 60% leased, the mayor said. The ribbon cutting was to celebrate that New York City is open and returning to work ceremony came just days after the marriage got a letter from 163 business leaders demanding that he do something about crime and quality of life issues of the city, But his office says the ceremony was planned. Weeks ago. Scientists.

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