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Nearly 40 years, D.C.'s department of consumer and regulatory affairs will be split into two new agencies. The D.C. RA handles construction permits and business licenses also housing code violations, as of today, the two are the department of buildings, the DOB, and the department of licensing and consumer protection, or the DLC. City lawmakers say the transitional streamlined services by dividing responsibilities between two smaller, easier to manage agencies mayor Bowser was opposed to the idea. Coming up in money news. If home sales have slowed in D.C., why are prices still higher? I'm Jeff Klebold. It's for 18. Traffic and leather on the 8s and when it breaks, here's Joe Conway in the traffic center. Ralph we're going to start off in the district on D.C. two 95 northbound standard volume delays as you approach Pennsylvania avenue, south mountain flows leaving east capitol street, three 95 delays, come out of the third street tones for the app bound case bridge, all fairly standard volume delays. Into Virginia, on the 95 corridor northbound, you'll slow briefly at the academic southbound as the worst spot you'll jam up basically from newington, most of the way toward woodbridge, that's fairly standard, easy past lanes or north of 95 and three 95, we do have a delay in the main line northbound across the inbound 14th street bridge. Had the earlier crash George Washington park green north down at the key bridge that's been cleared, nothing complicated on the beltway in Virginia 66 a good ride inside and outside the beltway, the crash on Braddock road was east of Cox farms and pleasant valley road. That's still in play, but it's a brief delay both ways of the tow truck arrived on the scene. Going into Maryland, the crash on the end of the capitol bellway was the year about four Pennsylvania avenue at last report on the right side of the roadway. You're still jammed up from central avenue on your way south trip Pennsylvania avenue, but they're telling us they move everything to the right shoulder to your lanes should be available and delays should be easing a lot of shoulds to 70, 95 Baltimore marston park where nothing complicated northbound Parkway delays brief through green belt on three O one northbound, your crash was north of cedarville road under police direction. We are brought to you by window nation where it's halftime, scoring new windows for your home at half the price, get it, get two free Windows for every two you buy, and pay nothing until 2025. It's a window nation dot com. I'm Jo con WTO traffic. Now it's hurricane, what used to be hurricane Ian, what's left makes its way through our Ariel. Let's take a look at what the rest of the forecast has in store. Here's your meteorologist

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