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Rock and Madison Square Garden is rock in. It's not only is it the big east championship game tonight. Villanova Seton Hall, but we also have Saint Patty's day going on here. Jamie wearing green I just. Is tax cuts off your is. Yes, they do. No. Where'd you hear that? From your hearing things now. I thought I could say that right? I can say that. We've got a long long. Anyway, it's an exciting day. Let's cover let's cover. What went down today? We just watch Tennessee knockoff Kentucky in an exciting game Kentucky, laying two points. The public was on Kentucky. Unfortunately for them. Tennessee, one eighty to seventy eight I didn't have a position on that. Actually. I do have a position on Kansas plan. Iowa State that game just tipped off. I got a small lean on Kansas tonight. And in the big east championship game that tips off here in about twenty five minutes is so I have a lean on villa Nova Villanova in about fifteen minutes or so we're going to be hearing from former WWE smackdown champion John les field. But we're not done. We're not done. We also have the Philly. Godfather of the Philly, godfather dot com, we're going to have both of them on at the same time. But yeah, Jamie, it's rocking downstairs. Everybody's getting excited. Earlier today, we saw all burn get by Florida's sixty five to sixty two. They're gonna play Tennessee tomorrow when he s e c championship game Michigan. They're going to be playing Michigan state excuse me in the big ten championship game. Houston waiting on the winner of Wichita Cincinnati and again in a little bit. We'll be hearing from the Philly godfather and John Lee field and guys and girls want you to visit me and here's a site. It's going to be now. Follow me, Danny beyond cool dot com. Can you spell that anybody Danny beyond cool? Oh dot com. Jamie. Want to spell out that Danny D A N N Y beyond cool L A B I A N C U L L dotcom. Also known as Danny beyond cool, though dot com as my dear friend, Joey CoCo Diaz called me as a kid Danny because they called me like a vampire I'd be out all weekend. Danubio cool, speaking of vampire, I look a little vampire. How green sweater? You gotta get a little radiation air for a little bit. Now would love it. But I'm not gonna feed a looking pale. It's been an exciting day. So again, we watched. We watched. What did we watch we watch? Michigan state takedown Wisconsin today, I had the scores backwards here. I had the scores reversed. Here was sixty seven fifty five, but I have Wisconsin. But I do know that Michigan state will be playing Michigan tomorrow in the big ten championship game guys and girls if you need some help throughout the tournament, obviously tomorrow night is selection Sunday a lot going on a lot of people abetting these games. And if you need a good place to play and you are in the state of New Jersey. Visit our friends at points bet dot com. Points bet dot com..

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