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Progresive dot com. The Texans were driving down twenty one the nothing. Fourth quarter said the colts Jonathan they looked like they were about to score a touchdown. But it seems that the Texans might have fumbled the ball into the end zone. It went out of bounds. If that happens that's colts spa. Boy, I mean could things get any worse for the Texans right now. It looks like they're about the score in that's possibly wiped off the board. Any would also be a change of possession. If that's what the officials rule after this replay. This has been a nightmare for the Houston Texans. But for Indianapolis, this has just been exactly what they wanted. This is what the doctors ordered because Andrew luck has been terrific when it's two touchdowns seventeen hundred twenty nine good for almost two hundred yards. But what stands out to me Jeff is the running game for the colts. Whether it's one MAC with ninety ninety eight yards whether it's on the ground himself. I think that they've really good good job being able to control the line of scrimmage by running the football. But from the other side of the Houston Texans at home. What a disaster. We'll look at the replay of the of the play you're talking about now and they're going to call it a touchdown. That's close the Sellafield. The extra point is good. So now twenty one seven Indianapolis with the league. Boy that was really close kouteh coming through a touchdown. Okay. Well, all right. So now it looks like the Texans are somewhat back in this game. Let's get all the details. As we go down live to Houston and welcome. And once again, Scott Harrison. Hey, scott. Hey, thank you very much. Finally, it took a time consuming drive by the Texans to get on the scoreboard. They took over six minutes off the clock. Sixteen plays what eighty nine yards and they get their first score with ten fifty seven remaining in the fourth quarter. And it was a play that went under review. But it was ruled a touchdown a six yard pass to KiKi and he's approaching one hundred yards and receptions for the season with injuries recently. But making the most of his opportunity today. Meanwhile, the Shawn Watson he's approaching a one hundred two hundred yards as far as passing and interesting enough to Shawn Watson, he is a top rusher for the team. As a matter of fact, he has more yards rushing than anyone else combined that the Alfred blue and Lamar Miller he has thirty eight yards rushing. The two other backs. They only have a total of twenty four yards rushing. Well, we do have ten fifty seven remaining here in the fourth quarter in the wildcard game in Houston. And right now, it's Indianapolis Colts over the Houston. Texans. Twenty one to seven thank you. Scott texans. Need a sudden change right here. Like if they're going to take the ball away from Andrew luck. Again, it's going to be right here. Luxa far seventeen to twenty nine one ninety eight two touchdowns. Yeah. That one pick on that pass bad at the line of scrimmage JJ watt in the first half. But other than that the Texas defense has been stymied in Marlin MAC ninety eight yards on the ground and a touchdown. So he's going to go over one hundred yards rushing. Probably as soon as this. Dr I as as Mike wells told us who covers the colts for NFL nation. Jeff. The offensive line for the colts has been terrific. It really has been because it's opening those holes for MAC easiest game in the ball. He's they handed off to him and max doing all the rest even though he's got a touchdown. I state that his groundwork has been really good to give a different change of pace. And the nice wrinkle, I think for the colts offense, and then from there, you mentioned if the Texas when come back it's going to have to be kouteh. I think that KiKi kouteh is going to have to be able to come through again and hold on the ball. This time. That was really close. But. In their favor. Hey, one more on the on the offensive line for Indianapolis. I remember being at the combine last year, and everyone was saying well quit Nelson. Great player. But how do you take a guard number six overall? Remember that very big talking point. How do you justify taking a guard in the top ten? Well, you justify it. If the guard is a rookie is a first team. All pro. Yeah. Did you find was there any draft analyst last year that really watch Notre Dame film that said Quentin Nelson was going to be a bust. No, no, no. I I don't think there was a prospect more universally loved then Clinton Nelson that even the raiders general manager, I think he also felt very strongly about Gwen Nelson. No, no. Well, if we had to have them. We take them that the current the current raiders general manager you believe that he was also good player. But he thinks all the players are special. That's why he's with the raiders because his head coach and the GM both love all players Peterman. Apparently that is that's going to be a great combo. I can't wait to see. The raiders are good. That's good television. Now, buddy. Good TV what did they get the Vegas? Even better o alkyl. Brent he's also there. I know I know, but but again like it just shows you, please. If a guy is gonna be a great player, and you know, that this guy is going to be the best one of the best players at his position the next decade or twelve years, then you take him unless it's a punter. Rick. I told you on draft night. I felt the same way about roquan Smith at I just think that roquan Smith for the for the next decade is going to be a dominant player. I just you see it in college as much as you know, how much. College football, I watch. And I'm just you know, my eyes are bleeding watching college football week after week year after year, but just not when you see it right in the same thing with Nelson, and it's not like you. And I have the key for the pancakes on the offensive line. We don't know we don't know exactly everything that offensive lineman has to do besides, you know, not have any penalties. But I think that he's a special player everything that we read I think that players that you just watch every week every Danny boy that guy's gonna special on Sundays roquan Smith is another one I felt the same way about in that pass draft roquan Smith one hundred twenty two tackles as a rookie the most tackles by any bears rookie in team history. Except for one guy. He's in the hall of fame Bryner lacquer. And keep this in mind to about roquan Smith roquan Smith missed almost all training camp. That's right because he had a contract issue. And then when he got he finally got his deal done. He was the last first round pick the sign. I believe this deal done. He suffered two separate injuries in training camp. So he walked in almost cold in week one and still had one hundred and twenty two tackles and like five sacks or whatever. So I mean that that guy's going to be a heck of a player. So number six and number eight in the draft last year, those teams I think got their picks, right? As most of us thought they were going to colts are still driving Jeff as the the colts still with a twenty one seven lead. But I it's about time of possession. It's about trying to keep the ball away that give the ball back to the Shawn Watson Colston a nice job with eight fifteen left for the ball game with a fourteen point advantage. Here's a disheartening number from ESPN staff information regarding to Shawn Watson, I think this is prior to the last. Two plays of that last drive for the Texans. He was averaging only three point two air yards on his completions. That'd be the lowest rate of his career. He's never had a game under four point one. Meaning the ball is traveling through only three point two yards. You we have been keeping our eyes on the game as we've gone along with this show, and we have seen some balls that are low and inside where the receiver or the running back is kind of falling down with the with the football. So it has not had a lot of flight. I could see why that number of resonates with both of us is because Watson's thrown a lot of balls really low where a receivers kind of falling down. So he's not the same Watson that we saw especially during the winning streak for the Texans Marlin MAC as we thought has gone over one hundred yards rushing. He's the first colts player with one hundred plus rushing yards in a playoff game since Dominic Rhodes back in the Super Bowl. Forty one their win over the bears a long time ago. Twenty one seven colts in front of Texans. Coming up next the Nick foles magic continue tomorrow at Soldier Field we discussed Dickerson and hood, it's ESPN radio show.

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