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Top stories. KTAR news flash. At eleven sixteen. I'm Martha Myra with three things you need to know. Right now. We'll that top story today continues to be hacienda. Health care, a licensed, practical, nurses, now accused of the sexual assault of an incapacitated woman at the facility lease arrested. Thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland on suspicion of sexual assault and assault adult. Police say DNA linked him to the crime. In a statement to KTAR has Sanders says Sutherland's employment has been officially terminated. You say in the past two weeks, they have also increased security measures and will continue to review and improve what's already in depth vetting process happening this afternoon. The Phoenix city council voting on a two hundred thirty million dollars talking stick resort arena. That's renovation plan. You never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes is I understand it. This Friday is another government payday and for those workers have been furloughed or for those that are being required to work without pay. It will be the second paycheck. They miss part of the government shutdown a month's worth of pay you might not be a government employee. You may not be for a low. You may not be showing up to work and not getting paid as some eight hundred thousand people across this country are in several right here in Arizona. But how long can you go without getting a paycheck? We know the most people live paycheck to paycheck to paycheck to paycheck before there's going to be some serious consequences city of Mesa, for instance, is trying to help furloughed employees is in government federal workers out by giving them a little bit of a break on their utility bills. And by break, I mean, pay us when you get paid. We have put in place a program to defer payment by federal employees of their utility bills with the city of Mesa. Those utility bills will include for many residents federal employees could include both our water wastewater, gas electric and solid waste pickup. I mean good for Mesa. I mean good for the city of Mesa, and it's one of those things where how long can they defer that you know, because it's a city they're going to need that that money is. Well, they gotta pay. They got bills to pay you see like the trickle down on this. But every little bit helps folks. Well, we are we are hearing, and you can only imagine there is the rumblings out there. Will federal employees the ones who are being required to work without pay show up. You're not getting a paycheck. We hear the TSA air traffic controllers. Did you hear about it here? Rightfully so. What if they went on strike? I mean, what if they refuse to show up to work anymore because you're not paying me. And would that be something that would force the hands to to solve this? Because now yes, it would right now. What's the what's the pressure to solve this both sides think they're winning bigly? And that has been my argument for awhile TSA walks off the job, and I'm not just talking about eight to ten percent. Yes. I know that that has had an impact at some airports. Not here in Phoenix harbor. We care about right? We hear about what's happening in our own back. They've been shut down terminal four security. It's not really impacting us as it really exists. You know that kind of situation. But if it happens were half, Colin do they have the reserves back that up will it shut down air traffic across this country. That's how you get them to knock this off. And and I think there's a different calculation going on. You're not old enough to remember that air traffic controllers went on strike. When Ronald Reagan was president. Ronald Reagan fired him. But they didn't go on strike because the government shutdown. He went on they were negotiation ploy. It wasn't. We're going to stop showing up because you stopped paying us. Because the the public was on the side of Ronald Reagan when he said these are going to screw up air traffic. So they can get a pay raise. You guys are out. I don't think people would fault. Air traffic controllers TSA other people after a month of going without pay. You like I'm just I'm loving here anymore. All you gotta do is running through your own filter because that's what we all. Do we run everything through our own filter in would you show up to a job? You're not getting paid for. We shall to a job. You're not getting paid for. It's a pretty simple question. I think there's I think there's a tipping point. I think that there are people out there that might say, okay. Especially if you're a federal employee. This is not the first government shutdown you've gone through right? There have been other one. Is there an end in sight? Right. If it's two or three days, you're like, okay. I'm gonna get back. I'll bet on you guys. And you'll figure this stuff out where thirty three, and is it going to do you believe it's gonna end this week for me? Neither. Congress is going to be voting on to semi it's going to be voting on two different bills that have no chance of passing. So again, when do you celebrate? What what does victory? Look like is it building the wall is getting that funding. Good. I don't think it's going to happen. I don't know what compromise Democrats and Republicans are willing to make in order to reopen. This government. I don't know. But stay tuned say to grab popcorn my goodness. Bruce St James, Pamela Hughes show podcast. Have you? Subscribe to it yet if not why super easy to do iphone, Android. Never have to miss a thing. The podcast brought to you this week by novocure. The vote is today the city Phoenix city council voting on the Suns arena renovation proposal will pass..

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