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If you don't understand physics you can't even ask that question so to me getting or take piano like they say that if you it's usually a typewriter if you leave a monkey to typewriter long enough randomly hitting keys and an infinitely random universe like ultimately it will right warren peace but like are we going to call that creativity not really a militias the law big numbers so i think that creativity like hiding in my mind desire to late all of this is a usefulness so whether that's a concerto that actually moves me in a certain way whether that's a painting that moves me in a certain way you know that's like to me like you would have to have mastered like even take jackson pollock whose and i'm not saying aren't flashing the pants were people convince themselves something's creative i had the monkeys like splatter pains and you know people convince themselves that it's amazing or the same bottle of wine tis by wine experts and they think it's eight different wines and they rate mal differently but same fucking bottle of wine pork from simbolon everything so not saying that people cantered themselves but in terms of like enduring value from something creative jackson pollock when you break down he basically painted infractructures and so at you can actually break his paintings down mathematically so as the average person you look at it and for whatever reason you just like it and you like it more and he's been more enduring than other painters who did what on the surface seem similar but them new break there's down the mathematics don't hold up so for whatever reason like as he was creating these mass collages of just like what seemed like really random stuff there's actually a balance in a mathematics to what he's doing that speaks to something inside the human being so i think there's a reason that he's endured i think there's a reason that unsigned had breakthroughs in physics at a seventh graders never going to have him and those things to me are mastery i think that there's a reason the whole notion of take mma right the most creative jitsugyo practitioners are the ones that no the most.

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