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We'll talk to there is the one and only Dimitrius mighty mouse Johnson. Former UFC flyweight champion now apart of one's flyweight tournament. Okay. What a fun day little hectic at times. But we got it done corporate Jake. You hit my music. We we got a lot more to do today. My friends because after this in case, you don't know we didn't prepare for TV show. Like, I said one AM eastern time on ESPN to ten PM Pacific. It's a condensed version of this show. But it's also a show that present some new little trick is for us. So definitely to in. And if you can't stay up, definitely DVR. It's been fun day. My friends I wanna thank everyone who. Didn't want to everyone who stopped by all the guests all of them, even the ones who are late even the ones with the questionable Skype connections. It was great to have you on the program today. Let me find the lineup. Whereas it there it is. All right. Yes. Ryan bater. What a great performance from him on Saturday knocking out Fyodor a million Anco in just thirty five seconds with the same left hook. Wow, same left hook that. He knocked out. King Mon just fifteen seconds. Who would have thought Ryan Bater? Double champ bell. Tori, got three belts on Saturday credible stuff. Thank you very much. Ryan beta for stopping by. Thank you very much Jake Hager, aka Jack swaggered congrats on the victory. Good luck to Rio doom that meeting UFC. Thank you very much just engaged. Good luck to him March thirtieth Philadelphia. Thank you very much to Holly home luck to her March. Second in Las Vegas against Aspen. Lad, thank you very much for hey, Mazda and Darren till look for them on March sixteen. Thanks very much. Henry kraus. Congratulations. Thank you to Dimitrius Johnson. Back next week say time and say. I'm out of here..

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