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News with gene grad. Let's revisit the gabby potato thing can. Because i i have some audio and play so yes as we talked about earlier. Authorities announced sunday that a body consistent with the description of gabby. She's the twenty two year old. Who disappeared while on across country. Van trip boyfriend was found in wyoming's bridger titan national forest. The announcement was made sunday evening by the national park. Service the fbi in denver and other law enforcement She was reported missing by her parents on september eleventh but they hadn't heard from her for like a good two weeks before that also some discrepancies. Every this is. abc news. Says her boyfriend. Twenty-three-year-old brian laundry. I've also seen online an age. That would make him thirty seven so confused about that as well. But he's a person of interest he's bounced still looking for him but you must probably good news and bad news. You know what i mean. Being a person of interest sounds pretty good. You know like if you're in high school and to something and you won the spelling bee but later on it becomes a bad thing. It's true john mullany as a bit about that and he said if somebody came down to my motel room and said excuse me sir. Can we have a minute. Europe person of interest. You very fancy but this guy is gone and if you haven't heard this already we haven't played it. This is the nine one. One called the passer-by called in to say that he saw a man and a woman fighting in their van. And that's when they got pulled over. So i'll play the whole thing. It's not right in a van. All it's forty nine seconds and it's very telling the way he describes it grant county sheriff's office. Hi can you hear me sir. Yeah yeah i i'm calling. I'm right on the corner of main street by moon flower. And we're driving by and i'd like to report a domestic dispute. The florida with the white van. Florida license plate white land gentlemen feared they just drove off. They're going down main street. They made a A right onto main street from moon flower. Or what were they doing but What do you say what were they doing. We drove by in the gentleman with flopping girl who slapping her and then we stop. They ran up and down the sidewalk high. Hold on for a second i. I've i learned this a long time ago. They're always super. She'd eat the people that are calling nine one every episode concerned citizens I learned many years ago. That when somebody destroyed my car some drunk driver destroyed my car and didn't wanna pay and had to go into like small-claims and stuff like that. And i got all my receipts and everything. We went down to van is a courtroom like at some point. That little picket fence doesn't stop anyone from attacking inaugurated. It's all just pocket circumstance. Barely twenty three inches off the ground. People are just gonna use it as a stepping stone to launch themselves into the attorney but but they just have that little. And like i got there and i was like excuse me what order and like down sir. Sit down and i was like well. I'm i'm i'm not the defendant. I'm on your side. I come down to sit down. And then i realized i said this mark era so that everyone on the other side of that gate is guilty. Everyone's hey i'm guilty of making them work. Yes i'm asking them to do. Shit that's why every time they call nine one. The person's annoyed call nine one one and the person's like i was fucking taxing my friend but what the fuck what what do you want. Where'd you say they were. And also that sort of thing where it's like ever anytime you try to go onto a lot and the guy's got the clipboard and like i'm here to see jimmy kimmel. My name is adam corolla. What is your name again. Really kind of a big part of your job. Ron moonbeam and main street. What streets like jello pad finger slap on this call. Sometimes i had a friend who called nine one one of the physical address. I'm not ordering the corner of any physical address. That was what dan. the machete writes. Yes yes beach super annoyed you for repeating shit you said. Four seconds earlier yes Little dismissive they should definitely be nice but again. It's that element of. I was just checking my tinder profile. And now you really up in me to do your bidding. You have one episode where the girls Tried to report a murder. Sure tons of attitude operator. This was in the news recently. That got fired for hanging people right so we know they do it. You're not four one one nine one one right. I mean who do you think you are. Tsa you gotta be down a listen you gotta be friendly and cordial. It's weird backing them. Do something have you seen the latest. I think i saw it on facebook some shirts. it's making the rounds but there was wondering the super bowl a few years ago. Now there's a new one of the women ordering a pizza and calling nine one one and at first they're super pissed and they'll go you call on place no don't they did like guys like throwing a vase at her in the background. Well that's a new. There's two things they have no short term memory no retention right going to spit out a name and a street in a corner and ten four seconds later they want to know the scream again number one again. That's that's got to be part of the training but number two in no particular hurry. So what's being stabbed in the apartment x. me they got all the time in the world. Let's play this guy playing one more time. He is a doesn't have street name but then peace and no particularly in this. This guy may be beating the crap out of this woman head right. Yeah yeah. I'm calling. I'm right on the corner of main street moon flower. And we're driving by. And i'd like to report a domestic dispute with the white van. Sorta license play white man. Gentlemen years hold on where so that just told you. yeah. I don't have a beacon street. Sorry go ahead just drove off. They're going down main street. They made a a right onto main street removed. Or what were they doing but What you were they doing. We drove by in the gentleman with flapping girl Slapping her yes and then we stop. They ran up down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hitter hopped.

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