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But somehow we got on an airplane to Denver Info there in arrived to taxi cab from their their Ford and arrived right as just after they had found body. They were walking out of the house. So it's quite a way to see. It had to be very difficult. Yes absolutely and I remember being scared to. I didn't know who had done this against our family. There's I remember it did in our cabin Dan. That's coming out of the house. Presumably they just found Giannini's body and we were ushered into a car. Ars Essentially ran my dad's to the effect that Shamanee's been is in heaven and killed and Patsy. He was just devastated. I mean on the floor just devastated. The police were there of course and I the thing thing I can remember as as Burke being brought in and just that just that just he was he was just a nine year old. Oh you know smiling. Little boy and is his best friend is sister. Little sister was was murdered and that was just devastating devastating to me. See that his you know he just had this look of innocence on them walking in there kind of a big awkward smile. Oh I know this is this is not good. All these people around me were crying. A mother's on the floor but you know he's it just just awful nightmare however was just beginning and as it turned out the investigation into who killed Jon. Benet was to be defined from the start by a series of catastrophic blunders by the Boulder Police Department. I've met a foreign six expert years later. And he said it was bizarre. What they didn't do he said the first thing we do do when a child is missing as we go through the House thoroughly? Were they hiding under a blanket. Were they hiding in a closet where they played some Kinda game. We look everywhere in the house. I they didn't do it. That's the first avenue if a child missing this police work one on one. Didn't have it all the way. Our country's structured for the most part we have eighteen thousand police jurisdictions if a crime occurs in that jurisdiction that crime is responsibility ability of the local police. If they don't ask for help help cannot be given and certainly was the case in in Boulder. You are the expert in everything no are they wise enough to know. They're not sometimes yes sometimes. No Nar case dancer was no. They thought they can handle it. They tend to be very territorial very protective of their cases and they wanna not have help. And that's that's unfortunate yours. Get in the way. This is an expert on the Jon. Benet Ramsey case Jameson. They turn down can help immediately from the Denver. Police said you've had one homicide in how many years we have unfortunately for Denver of much larger number. YOU'RE IN DENVER. Said we have got equal that know how to do the crime scenes. Let us help you. An older apparently said no are. Oh you know. Don't think we're like maybe able to do something we we'll take care of our own and so Denver had to step back and let boulder do your thing which they didn't new very well in hindsight. Well that's the one day I will old boulder a responsible for. I don't criticize him because they had no experience. I appreciate ashamed that they were working on it. But they should have realized they didn't have the the expertise inexperienced to deal with it and they should have welcomed the help of Denver for example or the sheriff's Department or whomever and that's what I will fault them for that next day we went down to the police station and young in my mind. I'm a dumb nineteen year old kid. Really connect the dots and interrogation. But that's what it was police price of eight separate me from my family for hours on end. Bring me into some window. Lists the interrogation room. And so I'm sitting there and I'm sure there's a video of this somewhere out there in the in the world thinking that okay well here comes the the best and brightest here comes the FBI you know CBI. This is peculiar okay. Good we're going to get to you. Know get to an answer here and then walk. Ron gossage in Steve. Thomas from the border police mayhem either. Business cards and I look added in one says auto theft and the other says narcotics and literally. I just bury my head in my hands because I knew at that point. We we're screwed. These guys had no business investigating.

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