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Like, my dear show back in his chair over your head knocked him sensitive like nothing but threats beating the shit out of her nonstop different time, God damn sticking every time beat off. The holiday season. How shocking is it? More and more every year that baby it's called outside. Still gets played on the radio that I'd say joy while we can three years overdue. Pretty much date rape song plying her against her wishes like a really should leave. No different was considering everything that every time is now out. I'm shocked still around the original. No means yes. Dawn. Thank you Christmas. Carol Clark Gable threaten what's her name. Vivian. Yeah. One hundred fifty times with bodily damage. I tell you I got fucking to mass because she'd be like, I know it's my fault. Please accept me back. What is this fan is awesome? All right. Sorry. Oh, by the way. And that theme on that theme. Sorry. Somehow when I was doing car cast earlier today because Eric Stromer wife as a choreographer and work with Madonna. I was thinking about the movie truth or dare from early nineties late eighties. I don't know what I say car cast as on the house are did that. Somehow we got onto Madonna got on a truth or dare circa nineteen ninety one. I don't know somewhere in their late early nineties late eighties, whatever and. I should you know, there was a scene where Madonna's assistant was taken out roof, eat and raped and the kind of Madonna had a laugh about it. And I thought that's another thing that probably time it's not going to be kind to fifty second clip. And max battle played for you. It's sort of sort of quivalent if it's cold outside. Sorry. How does she know what happened to shipping? Someone's. She says she was dancing. The next thing. She knew she woke up in heroin, nude and stuff was stolen and she went to the bathroom bleeding..

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