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He operates and hi I love the state this April the same paperwork again some are fine more my find basically after the third time they come because it directly in front of the court and he's it's saying now that if you know if the state Wednesdays and court then he they'll take a look if you're going for five years five years that's kind of tough for us for for a brewing company to lose its liquor license on yeah I would say so so what what are you gonna do Melissa what what do you want to recommend to America actually just got off the phone I'm gonna pass over his mark or the name okay area okay thanks read this is how what how you doing what happened I'm doing fine well rested from Janet golden valley our health department workers enforcement and are are the liquor commissioner and a couple other people to feel if you were not sold she sent about beautiful all my licenses so now they want me to shut down I told him I wasn't sure now so don't running with the licenses so that if I saw a boost for your mood will get three free finder there Faisal food nobles I get a boost final day it'll food fine I get to find today how much is the fine hello they didn't say the general call this number fourteen days John probably got a lot of most of our district L. three five hundred we're going to start a go fund me page because there's a lot of other businesses in vandalism is not open so they're gonna go around and do the same things we're gonna try to get a lawyer came together to represent everybody RT RT legislators behind you're helping me out yes some senators and stuff they're just they're they're helpless right now they can't do anything you know I mean they can only email or take your call at your door well wow we should he you should we should get you together with a page there's no doubt about it I'm not gonna miss little page a few times he was he was here Bob breaking was here today that's running for office yeah he's running one of all the people okay he's right when he's he's running for Congress or Senate Congress yeah full support in order to allow support from all right now you know right I know it's like all the states you you know that the legislature has ceded all of its authority and power to the governors I mean this is not what the founding fathers is soft they saw this was a you know that's what the legislature is is there to prevent a an executive from issuing these kinds of ridiculous imperious orders okay hang on a rack and we'll give you a pages number.

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